Indian Teachers

December 26, 2006

Indian culture says that Guru (teacher) should be respected as God. This culture continued for many thousands of years. Teacher is the giver of knowledge. They impart wisdom into the young generation for the better future of the country and society.  

What if the teacher strips and parades the boys in school as a method to punish them? Will the culture of respecting the teacher survive after such incidents? Not likely. 

Teacher strips and parades 6-year-old boysBoys are traumatized 

This is what happened in

School in Kansai section of the town. Teacher Maria, a modestly dressed young intelligent woman, admits that she sexually abuses young boys but does not feel ashamed or guilty. Is it her wickedness or her confidence in the system that will never punish her for whatever she does or maybe both?
She says, “Yes, I did parade them around nude and also took some of them to dark room and threatened them. I can’t beat them up as the law prohibits me from doing so. But when they do not study, their parents come and confront me. I had no choice but to teach them a lesson so that they concentrate on their studies.” Does law allow the teachers to strip young boys and parade them in school? Does law allow teachers to humiliate the dignity of boys?    

Horrifying tales of what students went through in Maria’s classes began tumbling out after a Class II B student, who was paraded nude through the school on Friday, refused to attend school the next day. The parents, however, believe that these incidents are only the tip of the scandal and that a lot more students were similarly humiliated and abused in the school.   

“The kids are so petrified these days that they refuse to go to school. My kid did not tell me what happened to him on the day he was paraded nude. It was only when Shefali approached us that my son narrated his experience,” said Anju D, another abused boy’s mom. Maybe because our society is still blind to the fact that males too are victimized by a woman, whether by a teacher sexually abusing young boys, or a wife subjecting her husband to verbal and emotional abuse. The society is extremely insensitive toward male gender, be it a grown up man or a little boy. Maria may have committed this grievous crime but it is the society, which is empowering these kinds of women. So long the society continues to generalize that each and every woman is good, the society will suffer like this. 

The school principal was as usual unavailable for comments, which is a sign of protection for Teacher Maria. But why is the principal trying to protect Maria? Because the principal, too, is a woman and she might already be familiar with the way boys are sexually abused by Maria, and she might have liked the way to punish boys. Or maybe, like most people, she believes that males do not have any dignity and that males don’t feel humiliated if they are stripped, unlike females. Such attitude, unfortunately, is becoming more and more pervasive in women, and it will expose young boys to be sexually abused in schools and even in their own homes. Assuming that no boy is sexually abused in their homes is empowering the perpetrators.  

Now even in television, we are seeing such despicable attitude in women. An episode shown on Mtv Roadies wherein two girls and a boy secretly entered into another contestant’s room at the time he came out of the shower, the girls began to pull the towel he had wrapped around his waist. He was fighting to protect his dignity and the girls were determined to humiliate him in front of the camera by stripping him naked. The boy was pleading to leave him alone, the girls were laughing out loud and the cameraman was shooting the whole scene of that boy’s helplessness. If a guy would have done such a thing to a girl, he would have been arrested by police for molesting a girl, but when a girl does it with a guy, we forget that the victim is a human being and we laugh it off. Such inhuman attitude toward that innocent boy is prevalent but none is bothered to understand that boys too have dignity and their dignity is no laughing stock for girls of today. Apparently, the society is, in a way, encouraging these girls to humiliate boys more and more by being inhuman toward male gender. Only time will tell how the society’s cruel treatment to male gender will backfire the whole coming generation.   

By letting Maria go scot-free will only encourage other teachers to resort to such methods to humiliate young boys, which is non-physical assault but extremely agonizing. Partially, the society, too, is a cooperative factor in the reason why justice will not be delivered to these young innocent children. Society does not feel the need to take strict legal action against Maria only because the victim happens to be a boy. Now teachers feel that by sexually abusing the kids, the kids will grow up to be a better and successful person. But as long as the society does not wake up to the 21st century women, the society will go from bad to worse in no time. And then the real fun will begin; the society will then get an explosive kick on their backside for blindly supporting all women and ill-treating male gender.Boys too are sexually abusedWoman can molest a manCan a woman rape?


NCW on Adultery

December 26, 2006

The reputation of National Commission for Women is deteriorating rapidly especially after the enactment of Domestic Violence Laws. The society was already demanding justice in the misuse of 498A, but NCW never wanted to help the innocent. Renuka Chaudhury, the Minister of Women and Child Development, said, “It is okay if innocent men suffer after DV Act” on national television. The chairperson of National Commission for Women, Girija Vyas, was the prime suspect in petrol pump scam in 2005. If more facts are dug out from the closet of NCW, the Government will be forced to shut down the organization after people’s demonstrations.  

NCW regularly proved to the Indian society that their only mission is to support unscrupulous daughters-in-law. In the misuse of 498A, old mothers and unmarried, married and pregnant sisters too are arrested on a false complaint of a daughter-in-law. Yes, NCW claims to protect women, but apparently, mothers and sisters of the husband do not qualify to be women of the country. NCW has a massive network of other women organizations and groups, which are always on standby to give guidance to married women approaching them. The most common suggestion given to married women is to file a false dowry harassment case against the husband and in-laws. Even the cops are fearful of these women groups because their scream would be heard in the parliament in this female dominated society.  

There seems to be a major difference between the way society and NCW perceives equality. Society believes that there should be no differentiation of punishment of crime committed. However, NCW believes punishment should be given only to men only because they are men. Do they hate men? You decide.  

The times have changed. Now people don’t get shocked or surprised when they find out that a person (husband or wife) is involved in an extramarital affair. Modern thinking or what? People live a modern life but apparently, NCW wants people to treat women the way they were treated in the Vedic times. No, in Vedic times, women were never involved in any extramarital affairs. According to Indian Penal Code 497, a woman cannot be tried of committing adultery. In other words, a woman committing adultery – being unfaithful to her husband and sleeping around with other man or men – will not amount to a punishable offense. No, the husband can be punished of committing adultery. No, NCW does not believe that this is inequality.  

The Government proposed to amend the existing biased laws of IPC 497, but NCW turned it down. Nobody expected NCW to justify their decision to reject the proposal knowing people’s hatred toward them, but they did. Girija Vyas of NCW said, “Why punish the woman? She is a victim, not an offender. Considering the position of women in Indian society, the NCW took a line against making Section 497 a gender-neutral provision.” Yes, according to NCW, an adulterous woman is a victim. So predictable reaction! But the question arise that adulterous woman is a victim of what? Victim of a man who agreed to have an affair with her or victim of her own sexual needs. They are saying that considering the position of women, gender neutral provision in adultery laws will not be good. For the first time NCW is right. If adultery laws are made gender-neutral, then it is difficult to imagine the numbers of adulterous women who will be punished. The conviction rate will be staggering.  A lot many men who are having an affair with a married woman are unaware that in the eyes of the law, they are actually victimizing the woman. It could be difficult to convince these men of the way the judiciary sees women, but now they will know because people are beginning to oppose any biased laws and media too is pressurized to give voice to these people. Nevertheless, NCW rejecting the proposal is a big relief for adulterous women. Now that their unfaithfulness toward their husband is not an offence, they will find it even more tempting to experiment sexual encounters with different men. It will boost their sexual appetite because their adultery is not an offence. Maybe this is what women empowerment is all about. It was the society who couldn’t realize this when it all started.  

NCW is taking very good care of the desires of unscrupulous wives/daughters-in-laws. Wives can now falsely accuse their husband and in-laws, and blackmail them for money. Wives can extort money by threatening their husband of filing a false case. Wives can kick their husband and in-laws from the house under domestic violence laws. Wives can have extramarital affairs proudly with anybody even when the husband and in-laws are aware of it. In short, it is simply great to be born as a woman in India. Whatever she does, she will always be considered a victim. Surely, these women will be extremely thankful to NCW for legalizing their adultery. What is not illegal is legal. Adultery for women is not illegal and so they are legally adulterous. What more women want now?   

Go married women, have sex with anybody and you be called a victim. NCW is with you. And men will have to learn to accept that his wife will have extramarital affairs with anyone she likes. It depends on individual opinion to view such a stance of NCW as a means to make husbands a pimp – sexual facilitator of his wife so that she can have sex with anybody she likes. If the husband’s right to oppose her wife’s adultery is illegal, then obviously he can be called a pimp.

Abortion and Foeticide

December 26, 2006

The only difference between abortion and foeticide is that sex determination test is not used in abortion. Mostly, unmarried women will abort their pregnancy for reasons known to all. Covering up her mistake by murdering the foetus is acceptable in the society. Yes, women have the legal powers (not rights) to murder her foetus. Foeticide happens when the pregnant woman first determines the gender of the baby and then decides to murder the foetus. That means killing foetus is women’s rights (?) and legal, but killing foetus “after” determining the gender of the baby is illegal and crime. Therefore, only the element of determination of gender of the baby differentiates between so-called rights and crime. 

More shocking is that the husband will be legally punished if he forces his wife to abort her pregnancy for whatever reasons. It is women’s sole prerogative to murder her foetus as she likes and when she likes. The husband has no say in her decision to kill her unborn baby. He has no rights to stop her wife to abort the pregnancy. Yes, Indian society still believes that women are better care-takers of children. Anyways, various laws are enacted to protect those women who want to murder their foetus without determining the gender of the baby. Laws are also enacted to protect women of female foeticide by falsely implicating the husband and in-laws for forcing her to have only male child.  

It will probably take some more time for people to realize that it is always the woman who desire to have a male child. However, men will have to pay the price to live in
India and marrying an Indian woman. There is an increasing number of bachelors who are realizing these days that they aren’t marrying an Indian woman, they are actually marrying a woman who has been given so many legal powers (not rights) that she is, by default, a legal extortionist and a legal blackmailer. It is not the question of being a good human being because it all depends on the woman’s intent to either let her husband live independently or legally harass him to become her slave. Who doesn’t want her husband to become her slave? It is romantic for a lot of woman to see her husband their slaves, and given the legal powers (not rights) to legally force the husband to become their slave is a dream come true for women. No, women are still portrayed as victims. Funny isn’t it? Don’t know what else they want as their legal powers (not rights).

The modern lifestyle of women has taken away their natural maternal instincts. They are absolutely clueless how to take care of their baby without the expert guidance of an elderly woman who either understands the needs of the baby or has not let the world damage her maternal instincts. Today’s mothers are impatient, reckless and short-tempered. There are several cases discovered where mothers have made a zombies out of their children by nagging them in a such manner that the child will do exactly what his/her mother will say. Sit, stand, walk, shut up, eat, sleep, drink, etc these are the orders received by the child from the mother, daily. Such treatment understandably damages the creativity and independent thinking of the child. Apparently, the father of the child is so much hen-pecked by the verbal domination of his wife that he can either support his wife whatever she is doing or run the risk of getting verbally spanked, nagged, emotionally tortured or maybe divorced too. Yes, this amounts of domestic violence on the husband but he is deprived of his fundamental rights to protect himself from his vicious wife.  

It is these kind of women who are given the powers (in the name of rights to deceive people) to kill their foetus by abortion. Meanwhile, NGOs aggressively propagate the female foeticide issue in order to procure funds from the Government, corporate World; international organizations etc so that they can utilize the funds not for the welfare of child, but to promote, enforce and strengthen women empowerment. UN says that women empowerment is important for the welfare of the children. Yes, because when the foetus is killed by the woman through abortion, the child is saved from coming into the World of female domination. Everybody knows that UN is taken over by radical feminists and vehement protest is going on against UN for destroying the sanctity of marriage and also altering the human civilization for the worst. Indian NGOs can’t control themselves and they too started their own pro-abortion and anti-male campaign to fool the public.  

Again, foetus, an unborn child, is living. Killing the foetus, before or after determining the gender, is a sin, if not a crime in female dominated society that we live in. In a female dominated society, crime does not apply to women because people are unable to understand their deception, and despite they understand their deception they refuse to oppose.

Sexual harassment at workplace Law

December 19, 2006

Women groups are really at it. They are working more aggressively when they realized that now people aren’t blindly accepting their legal provision to protect women’s so-called ‘rights’. People are now opposing their biased laws. Their deception is exposed now. Women groups have already made a perfect formula in the name of IPC 498A and Domestic Violence Bill to ruin Indian families, and now they have their sight on the corporate world. They have shown to the people that women’s so-called rights are all about violation of fundamental rights of men. IPC 498A is rampantly misused, Domestic Violence Bill is open to heavy misuse and this sexual harassment at workplace law, too is composed in a manner appropriate for misuse. Women groups are not interested in protecting actual victims; they want to harass men legally.  

The new Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Bill, 2006 has a very striking similarity with IPC 498A and Domestic Violence Bill. All the three laws are extremely biased. It writes, “Whereas sexual harassment infringes the Fundamental Right of a woman to gender equality under Article 14 of the Constitution of India.” Women groups don’t consider men being the holder of the same ‘rights’ to gender equality under Article 14 of the Constitution of India, and that is why they have no included ‘men’ as aggrieved person. Only women can complain against sexual harassment. Even if a man is sexually harassed by a woman, he has no right to complain. If women groups argue about the number of cases then in that case in foreign countries, men too are given legal protection under sexual harassment at workplace laws because men too are sexually harassed in large number if lesser compared to women. It seems that women groups follow this theory: if 49 men suffer and 50 women suffer, legal protection should be given to only women.  


Aggrieved person can only be a woman. A man can’t complain if he is sexually harassed. Is it not over-generalization in saying that no man in the entire country will ever get sexually harassed by a woman? Are men not sexually seduced by a woman at workplace, then why that is not termed a form of sexual harassment? We all know that a woman’s ways of sexually seducing a man is extremely subtle and they are fairly good at denying it. Women tend to dress and move her body in a manner to excite sexual feelings in men, which has never been considered as sexual harassment.   

Aggrieved female could be major or minor according to this law. Which company would hire a minor girl? Besides, child labour is already banned in the country and so there is no question of seeing a minor girl working in a company instead of studying. And if there will be minor girls working; then is it not important to properly implement anti-child labour laws? This law also protects domestic servants. Yes, a domestic servant can easily blackmail her employer for money.  


Sexual Harassment defined as is such unwelcome sexually determined behaviour such as physical contact, advances, sexually coloured remarks, showing pornography or making sexual demands, whether verbal, textual, graphic or electronic or by any other actions, which may contain:1) Implied or overt promise of preferential treatment in that employee’s employment or2) An implied or overt threat of detrimental treatment in that employee employment or an implied or overt threat about the present or future employment status of that employee and includes the creation of hostile working environment.3) The conduct interferes with an employee’s work or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.4) Such conduct can be humiliating and may constitute a health and safety problem.                      Loopholes: What is the difference between ‘welcome’ and ‘unwelcome’? Does that mean a welcome sexual behaviour is acceptable at a ‘workplace’? This law is accepting that women ‘do’ have the tendency to welcome sexual behaviour and that it is alright at workplace. Are women coming to the workplace to work or welcome sexual behaviour? Who decides whether a particular sexual behaviour was welcomed or unwelcomed by a woman? Maybe a sexual behaviour was welcomed by a woman but later she denied it. Is it not possible that she made the man believe that she is welcoming his sexual behaviour only to accuse him later under this Act? Women will put the bait and this law will trap an innocent man easily.    

What is ‘physical contact’? Handshake is a physical contact. Is that sexual harassment? What if a man casually touched a woman’s hand and the woman misinterpreted as a sexual harassment? Colleagues are friends, too. Besides, male models too are victims of casting couch. What about them? It seems that women groups have no Aitraaz if a man is sexually harassed by a woman.  


Workplace means any department/organization, establishment or undertaking wholly or substantially controlled by the Central Government or the state Government or local or other authority under the control of the central or state government.  

Loopholes: Does this mean that after the 33% women reservation in Parliament is passed, a female member can accuse a male member of the parliament of sexual harassment? This will be interesting. Politicians were too curious to approve all legal proposals of women for vote-bank and now it seems these politicians will face the consequences of their own misdeeds.     


In other cases where an employer-employee relationship does not exist- it shall be the duty of the head of the professional body or institute to ensure that1) No student or any person seeking admission to any such institution / professional body or a client is subjected to sexual harassment. 

Loopholes: What if a female student threatens a professor that if he doesn’t give her admission/distinction in some subject, then she will accuse him of sexual harassment? Will he not comply with this female student’s demands? He will.  

Besides, if students too are taken into consideration, then in that case, boys too are sexually harassed and abused. Why that is not a concern for these women groups? After all it is Ministry for Women and “Child” Development. Child is not just girls. In foreign countries too, boys are sexually abused by their female teachers, elder sisters, babysitters and other female relatives of the family. If modern people are following the US Culture, then is it not possible that such incidents will be happening here, too? Incest is extremely private and no survey can give a true statistical picture and therefore considering only female as victims is grossly mistaken.  

Moreover, a boy faces much more traumatic experience than girls after he is sexually abused by someone he trusts because the society does not recognize the truth that a female can sexually abuse a male. A boy will never come out and complain of being sexually abused by someone because it is always the girls who are taught to speak up. Sexually abuse of boys. Last year, an Indian origin, Lina Sinha, working as a teacher in US was convicted of sexually abusing a minor male student. There are hundreds of cases coming up each year of similar nature. Refusing to protect males is only revealing their deception.  


Compensation will be awarded to the person aggrieved by the appropriate court or forum after determining the following factors:1) The mental trauma, pain, suffering and emotional distress caused to the person aggrieved;2) The loss in career opportunities due to this particular incident;3) Medical expenses incurred by the victim for physical or psychiatric help;4) The income and financial status of the defendant. 

Loopholes: What if the income and financial status of the defendant is extremely poor? This implies that the woman will accuse somebody who has reasonable income and good financial status. Poor men will not be accused. Only middle-class and upper-middle-class people will be targeted.  


Internal Complaint Committee shall consists not be less than three members. The committee shall be headed by a woman, who shall be its chairperson. Not less than half of its members shall be women. All the members of the committee should be neutral and unbiased.  

Loopholes: The belief that only a woman can understand another woman is itself negative and biased. What if a woman is filing a false complaint? Will the women in the committee remain biased or give a truthful judgment? What if a man is victimized legally with a false complaint of a woman? Will this biased committee do justice to the man or will stick to giving the woman whatever she wants from him. A man is better equipped to do justice in a case where a man is falsely accused and that is why men are deliberately not given the power to decide.   


Who may file a complaint. 1) An aggrieved woman, 2) In case of death of the aggrieved woman, her legal heir or representative, 3) In case of more than one aggrieved woman, all of any one of more of them on behalf of herself and others, 4) with authorization/written consent on behalf of persons covered by clauses (i)(ii) and (iii) above: (a) A registered trade union, (b) A women’s organization or an non-governmental organization, (c) a co-employeeMay file the complaint on behalf of the complaint in so far it relates to initiating the action under the provision of this Act. 

Loopholes: Why a woman should be allowed to complaint on behalf of an aggrieved woman? This provision is clearly vindictive in nature. Bringing a women’s organization into the complaint process will strengthen a false case. Who could face death out of a sexual harassment at workplace? Why such a provision is given into this Act?  


 Rules of Evidence. In particular, in conducting such an enquiry, the Enquiry Committee:1) Shall be sensitive to the covert private and insidious nature of the sexual harassment and shall take into account that often the aggrieved woman may not be able to lead direct or corroborative evidence.2) Shall not permit any evidence or examination based on the aggrieved woman’s character, personal life, and conduct personal and sexual history.3) Shall take note of the respective socio-economic positions of the parties, their hierarchy in the respective organizations/workplace, the employer-employee equations and the power differences while appreciating the evidence.4) Shall, inform the alleged victim of sexual harassment, that she may give her evidence in writing provided that she makes herself available for examination by the defendant on the same, unless the alleged victim of sexual harassment opts to give her evidence orally.5) May disallow any questions desired to be put by the defendant to the aggrieved woman which it feels are derogatory, irrelevant or slanderous to her.6) Shall inform the alleged victim of sexual harassment, that she may give her answers to questions of a sensitive nature in writing immediately in the enquiry proceedings during cross examination.  

Loopholes: This means that even if a woman has insufficient evidence to prove her allegation, her statement will be, by default, considered genuine. Is this provision not giving powers to a woman to accuse anybody she like because she is not expected to give sufficient evidence? Will this provision not make men vulnerable to get falsely accused? Yes.  

What if the genuineness of the case can be understood only after referring to the aggrieved woman’s character, personal life and conduct, personal and sexual history? By disallowing, this provision is violating fundamental rights of men to defend himself and is against judicial principles. This provision is protecting a false case filed by a woman. This provision also proves that this Act is not worried if an innocent man is falsely convicted.  

Points like Socio-economic position of the parties, organizational hierarchy and power difference are only a means to give more credibility to a woman’s complaint because rarely a man would attempt to sexually harass his female superior. This is totally biased provision and unnecessary and is trying to manipulate the reader of this provision. Bringing these points to the mind, this provision is, in a way, directing the Committee and the employer in support of the complainant and against the accused before enquiry. It is bias.  

Any questions asked by the defendant to the aggrieved woman, that will reveal the falsity of the complaint will obviously be considered by the aggrieved woman as derogatory, irrelevant and slanderous even if it is not. Will she not term the defendant’s questions as derogatory, irrelevant and slanderous in order to protect her false case? She will. The committee should be concerned with giving justice and not think how a woman will protect her false case.    

A written statement alone cannot be considered as evidence in any legal procedure. This is biased. 


Power to issue interim orders. The committee shall have the power to issue appropriate interim orders directing the employer, on the demand of either the complainant or any witness giving evidence in her support, to implement such measures as transfer, changing shifts etc. 

Loopholes: How can the Committee on the demand of the aggrieved woman issue orders to the employer to give evidence in her support? Employer has the right to give genuine evidence, which may support the aggrieved woman or the defendant. The committee has no right to violate the rights of the employer only to strengthen the case even if the case be false. 


Actions to be taken after enquiry. (5) No person accused of an act of sexual harassment under this Act shall be part of the decision making process referred to in this section. 

Loopholes: Then how come the aggrieved woman is part of the decision making process? The aggrieved woman has been given too much power to direct the judgment in her favour from the beginning of the complaint till the verdict. This is bias.      


Complainant not penalized. If a complaint of sexual harassment is dismissed by a Complaints Committee under this Act, no action whatsoever (including recovery of any costs involved in investigating / enquiring into the complaint) may be taken in regard to the same against the complaint/witness/supporters by the employer. 

Loopholes: When a complaint is dismissed by the committee after thorough investigation and enquiry, it is understood that the complaint was false and frivolous. When this Act is providing biased provision to women where the complaint is considered genuine even after insufficient evidence given by the woman, it becomes clear that the complaint was false. Not penalizing a false complainant is directly encouraging others to misuse this biased law even further. Penalizing a false complaint will prevent women to file false cases against an innocent man. Not penalizing the woman proves that misuse of this law is bound to happen but still the woman will remain protected under this Act. The woman will not be penalized for an attempt to destroy a man’s reputation and his career. This provision refuses to acknowledge the traumatic experience of an innocent man who was about to get falsely implicated. This is bias.    


Prohibition against victimization. (1) No person (woman) shall be victimized for anything said or done in relation to any complaints or proceeding under the Act. (2) A person victimizes another person if the person subjects the other person or threatens to subject the other person to any detriment in connection with employment or recruitment or promotion because such person. (i) Has brought proceedings under this Act against any person, (ii) the other person associates with the complainants, (iii) Has otherwise done anything in accordance with this Act in relation to any person. 

Loopholes: Even after filing a false complaint against an innocent, neither employer nor anybody else can do anything. A woman should not be victimized by the employer after she has victimized an innocent man using this biased law. The man who is falsely accused is not considered victimized by the false complainant. His career is ruined but still he is not considered a victim of a false allegation. His reputation in the company is destroyed but he is not considered a victim of a false allegation. This law is protecting the woman who made a false allegation to ruin an innocent man’s career. The employer has the right to terminate the woman for trying to damage an innocent man’s reputation and career. The Committee should have no power to govern the decision of the company.   



No court fees payable: Where an aggrieved woman institutes any suit or legal proceedings in a civil court in respect of an act of sexual harassment which in unlawful under this act, no court fees will be payable by the woman. 

Loopholes: Public money collected as tax is expended in court fees for women who will be filing false complaints of sexual harassment to earn money. The actual victim, man, who is falsely accused, will have to pay the court fees. Why the court fees are exempted for women? This is unnecessary and bias.   


IPC 498A is heavily misused. Domestic Violence will be rampantly misused. And Sexual Harassment at workplace laws too will be misused. All women protective laws are getting misused. Maybe the law itself is deliberately made biased so that it is misused. Women are given so much unnecessary credibility that a man accused is presumed guilty until proven innocent, which has not yet opened the eyes of the Supreme Court that this is violation of judicial principles as well as violation of fundamental rights of men. All these laws are enacted to protect the so-called ‘rights’ of women is all fake. From no perspective these laws can be termed as protectors of women’s so-called ‘rights’. These laws are giving unnatural powers to women to harass, victimize, and blackmail men with the help of these laws.  

Now it is high time. We have tolerated enough. Enough biased laws are been enacted and enough numbers of families and men are legally tortured. Now no more women’s ‘rights’ issues should be entertained in the country. Radical feminists have lost their minds. Don’t allow them to ruin Indian families and now Indian Corporate World. This is getting too much. 

More and more men are committing suicide and are taking decisions to remain single. They can’t take the risk of getting married and see a woman powerful enough to legally torture him and his parents, get him arrested on a false complaint and leave him bankrupt. Now men are fearful that if such biased laws will govern the corporate world, too, then where will they go? There is no safe place for men now in the country. Is this what gender equality is all about? It is no longer a secret that women groups are deceptively trying to get biased laws approved by the Government to legally harass and torture men under the name of women’s so-called ‘rights’. These aren’t women’s ‘rights’. Women are been given extraordinary powers with such biased laws.  They have done enough damage. Not any more. STOP THIS NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. OPPOSE.

Women’s rights

December 19, 2006

Apology to women who are expecting this article to be pro-feminists. Apology to women, for this article will be revealing and exposing the delusory manipulation of people’s sentiments and misdirecting the Government’s priorities in the name of “Women’s Rights.”  

The respect, gentleness and chivalry showered by all men over female-gender for centuries have now become the noose strapped around the neck of all men. Women cunningly went on demanding preferential treatment by exaggerating the need of chivalry, and men continued to feel nice for being in the good books of women. It is evident that for a man to please a woman, he must treat her with respect, gentleness and courtesy. It was the way men expressed their admiration toward female-gender. Men have always been submissive to a woman’s desires. Whatever she wants, the man will do everything to make her satisfied and happy. But, women are insatiable and up to some extent, illogical, too.   

Women re-named the need of excessive chivalry into “Rights” Rights! According to the definition of ‘Rights’, it means ‘a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral.’ An exaggerated and a perverted version of chivalry have been called a Woman’s Rights. Is there anything like Men’s Rights? Not likely. Because it was men who treated women with special favour from the beginning, and women used to relish every bit of it, till they realize that re-naming chivalry to “Rights”, will enhance their dominant role in the society and also remain a weaker gender. This double-edged policy of women worked wonders for all women, and men were absolutely unaware of what is going to happen next. This new version of chivalry as “Rights” was massively politicized. It had become an important political agenda from a mere natural chivalry of men toward women. 

This was perhaps the beginning of the end of social harmony. It is evident that before politicizing “women’s rights”, there exists natural and unclouded gender equality in the society. The insatiable need of women for chivalry in the name of “Rights” was politicized to such an extent that Political ideologies were incorporating these ‘rights’ to augment their social reputation. People who were chivalrous toward a woman – which was then converted into a political and social “rights” of women – were respected in the society, and those who refused or objected on politicizing the women’s need of chivalry were condemned and rebuked. This incident inspired some women to coin the term, “Male-chauvinist pig.” Men began to go to any lengths in order to avoid being called a male-chauvinist pig either by a woman or by the society at large. This treatment given by women and the society to men who objected women’s rights also prevented men to unite and protest against politicizing chivalry. The society continues to be submissive to a woman’s demand of chivalry, and will protect her need of excessive preferential treatment with great aggression. After many decades, a man continues to bear the brunt for not objecting and protesting against politicizing chivalry in those times. Ridiculous legal ‘rights’ have been extracted by women from the pool of political ideologies of protecting women’s so-called ‘rights’ or ‘insatiable need of chivalry’. However, women have worked very hard to maintain the tag of being called the weaker gender and prevent men to unite and protest against their manipulation. Now, in almost all the countries of the World, women’s ‘rights’ is considered most important political agenda. And many ministers have gained considerable political mileage in appeasing the demands of women by sacrificing the social justice. Women’s ludicrous demand of excessive chivalry in every spheres of life has been met, and they are also called the weaker gender of the society. Killing two birds with one stone.  

It is obvious that their demands for ‘rights’ will never end. Even after enslaving male-gender, violating all fundamental rights of men and legally harassing all men, these women will still continue to be called the weaker gender, and the society will continue to accept it as true. Women are enjoying the best of both the worlds. Excessive chivalry of the medieval times, and enjoying unconditional freedom and also be called the weaker gender.  

Men have essentially made a gravest blunder of their species to allow women to politicize their exorbitant need of chivalry. Now, women are on top in almost every political authorities and it is highly unlikely that these women will ever admit the need to protect men’s rights. These women in power are all sadists and feel pleasure in tormenting male-gender. All these women are misandrist and will not allow anybody to provide any protection to these innocent hapless men. Men will soon be totally abandoned, helpless, defenseless, having no legal rights with loads of legal obligations that make up Women’s Rights. After all, women’s need for excessive chivalry in the name of ‘rights’ is all about ruining all men’s basic rights and burdening them with legal obligations toward female-gender. To women, this is what gender equality is all about. 

More and more children are brought up under single parenting than ever before. Children are deprived of the father’s love and affection. This emotional hole in children usually drive them toward violence, drug-abuse and incite suicidal tendencies. Boys are psychologically crippled while studying in a feministic schooling where girls are encouraged to taunt and ridicule boy’s masculinity. Teachers too are making sure that boys lag behind girls in studies. Fathers are unable to imbibe their wisdom of life into their children because the woman assassinates the character of the father to her child. Men are left to be called as mere sperm-bank before marriage and money-making machine after divorce. A woman will get married to a man to get a child, and divorce her husband to get huge alimony. This is the modern culture, where men are considered as oppressors and women are considered the weaker gender.  

Various laws are proposed by anti-male feminists to break marriages, torture men legally and walk away stinking rich. Their anti-male campaign has been facilitated by political parties, media, advertising agencies, NGOs, colleges, schools and even private companies. Male-bashing is the order of the day. Now this misandry culture has been spreading like fire in almost all developed and developing countries. In India, Domestic Violence Bill is introduced on the basis of the survey of United Nation, which as been taken over by radical feminists, and therefore, all their statistical reports on domestic violence on women are fictitious and fabricated. In India, women demand to be worshipped in homes as they assumed that in the vedic times, women were revered in homes. In addition, in vedic times, husbands were considered, “Pati Parmeshwar” (husband is godly). However, when it comes to treating husband nicely, these same women, who demand to be worshipped, like to select tradition as per their convenience and luxury and condemn the rest of the undesirable tradition calling all men as oppressors and criminals.  

They would like to wear skimpy clothes to induce sexual feelings in men and at the same time they like men to worship them. How hypocritical and pretentious! When somebody points out their hypocrisy, these same women accuse them for hurting a woman’s so-called dignity and modesty. Only a woman with dignity and modesty will wear skimpy clothes and also expect men to worship them. Women want men to ogle at them, but they never admit that. Women want men to approach them for sex, but they always cry date rape or sexual abuse. In most of the surveys conducted between men and women, women are more comfortable being dishonest to distort the results of the survey. It is believed that now, young boys are more vulnerable to sexual abuse from a woman because nobody would ever doubt the care and affection of a woman toward a child. In India, incest is rampant and females continue to be called the victims even when in most of the cases, females are the perpetrators of such a sexual encounter. Women will seduce her seniors and when he approaches, she will cry sexual harassment and gets him fired, and that is how she could get promoted. These types of women have no sense of character or human values. They are always obsessed with sex, power and money.   

Women being physically weaker, they are verbally extremely vicious and can easily drive a man to insanity and even suicide. Men commit suicide 4 times more often than women for the same reason. A woman is more likely to instigate domestic violence than men but it is always the man who is called the criminal. Women are as violent as men in the domestic relationship but because the man is physically stronger, the sympathy invariably goes to the woman. Blackmailing, emotional abuse, verbal insults and humiliation, physical assaults are all formidable weapons of women to destroy men. But, these weapons have never been recognized by the law or the society. They believe that when women are fighting for their so-called ‘rights’, then it makes no sense to protect men. Now, laws are enacted to be exclusively misused by women to legally harass men. Men who are victims of women’s atrocities are legally, politically, and socially forbidden to complain against a woman. Most women are unconcerned when they see more and more men complaining against women because as long as there are women in authority, these hapless men’s plead will never be taken seriously.       

These women like to live like animals in the name of modern lifestyle and liberalism. All the good stuff should be with women and all the bad stuff should be with men. Women should be treated like princess and men should be treated as criminals who are only useful during sex and alimony. Men should be barred from education so there is no competition for women. Women want legal powers to sleep around with anybody they want and still be called loyal, weaker gender and dignified. Women want legal power in the name of their so-called “rights” to enslave men as their pet dog and have sex with them whenever they can, order men to cook and clean for them, men should serve her when she returns back home from office, act as her punching bag as and when she is frustrated, help her in having sex with her paramour, work like a labour and give all the money to her, look after the kids, entertain her with sleazy dance, and be ready to get kicked out of her house when the man becomes impotent, broke, physically ill and refuses to obey her command. This is what women want and they want all this saying that it is their so-called “rights.” Think about it.     

Now a revolution is needed; Revolution of demolishing the fortress of these women’s deception. There is more inequality and social disharmony now after politicizing women’s rights than ever before. Banishing these women’s rights is the only way to revive equality, social harmony and justice. We don’t want women’s rights or women empowerment. We only want equality and social justice. These male-hating feminists have destroyed all humanly cultures.  

The situation is so bad that no man in the world is safe now. Men have no choice but to fight back. Fight for your rights, fight against injustice, fight against tyranny. If men don’t fight, they will perish, and women will still be called the weaker gender and continue to demand her so-called despicable ‘rights’.  

There are no ‘rights’. Women only want ‘power’ and ‘legal license’ to enslave men.

Indian Journalism

December 19, 2006

Journalists are traders of Truth. They empower the citizens of the country by communicating news on the current affairs. Millions of people decide upon their routine activities of their day-to-day life referring to the newspaper. Journalism is not just about communication of news from the source to the destination – to the common man. With numerous religions, linguistic and cultural diversity, various caste and community norms, Journalism, confronts several nagging challenges. In order to overcome those challenges, Press Council of India established essential guidelines to ensure accuracy, fairness and correctness.  

The element of independence in the press is crucial to maintain the quality of press and the code of conduct of journalism. Any external forces, political, social or international, with vested interest could easily influence the common people in the way that can be detrimental for the people as well as to the whole country through press, and to prevent such disaster, there is an element of ethics along with independence. Ethic refers to the conduct that ensures communal peace and harmony. Truth is not an excuse to sensationalism. When millions of different kinds of people are reading the same news, the damage could be fatal if facts are distorted and delusive news is propagated. Any indiscriminate diffusion of unreliable or unverified news could trigger an adverse chain reaction in the country, which could take months or even years to contain.  

The press is entitled to ensure financial viability by all legitimate means, but engaging in crass commercialization in cut-throat commercial competition with the rivals, will violate the code of conduct of journalism. Distortion or exaggeration of facts or incidents in relation to communal matters could easily trigger mass hysteria in the country. However, sensationalism in the press has seemingly proved commercially fruitful. With the incremental increase in the number of press organizations in the country, they seemingly adapted an unwritten code of conduct of journalism, which will ensure commercial gain and effective promotion of the press entity. Social responsibility of the press is subverted in the process of catching and entertaining the mindset of the people.  

Importance of reporting accurate, fair and correct news is now overpowered by the self-seeking commercial domination in the press industry. Noble, virtuous and courteous journalists are replaced by aggressive, interrogative and persistently fearless journalists. Reports published on a particular issue are getting judgmental and defamatory. Provocative compositions are employed to sensationalize issues or to prompt the people to think and behave in a certain way that may seem appropriate to the agenda of the press. Social agendas that are incompetently deliberated by the press have grievous consequences in the society, and that has been going on for long. They have been instigating repugnance between the people and some political parties so that other political parties are benefited. Questions in the poll conducted by press are so composed that the result achieved is as per their desire. People’s opinions are sought with biased questions that will derive answers that are beneficial for the press. 

After the feminist movement in
India, there has been a substantial growth of feminism in journalism. Women-related issues are given inordinate precedence due to which the quality of the press has significantly deteriorated. Increase in sophism has been observed with the increase in feministic journalism. The facts are getting distorted because of the preconception of the journalist, which is leading to perplexing transformation of the masses. Journalists are beginning to present facts in the fashion that appears appropriate to their own psyche. Social and National interests are getting defeated by the personal interests of the journalists. It has become an indispensable function of the press to cater to the political agendas of women groups. In the agenda of empowering women, feministic journalist are twisting the facts, exalting misconduct of women, amplifying crime against women, and infringing the rights of men. Male gender is criminalized and female-gender is labeled victims. People’s opinions are getting manipulated.

Press agendas are now getting amalgamated with the political ideologies. Agendas of the political pressure groups are been accomplished with the assistance of the press. People are misled by the press on the instructions of political pressure groups to believe delusive facts, which in particular, will give these pressure groups effective impetus to their vested interests. People are reading, hearing and seeing news what the political pressure groups want them to read, hear and see. Facts are distorted, truth is obscured, falsehood is rationalized, and slanderous statements are made only to achieve the ends of certain political agendas. Such deceptive conduct of the press has not yet been deemed a grave violation of the code of conduct of journalism as issued by the Press Council of India because they have yet to formulate strict disciplinary action toward the defaulters.  

Trial by press has been a common phenomenon in the recent times, which essentially violates the code of conduct of journalism. Investigative journalists are concluding the judicial judgment in the pre-trial period on half-baked incomplete and doubtful facts, which violates the fundamental rights of whose character is assassinated by the press. Press’s initiation to persistently pressurize the legal system to act in accordance with the agendas of the political pressure groups and feminists movement has lead to social inequality and injustice. And in order to conglomerate the sentiments of ill-informed people to support their own journalistic assault on the Governmental conduct, they sensationalize their own justification and blow the issue out of proportion. Judiciary is compelled to act in conformity to the expectations of the press in order to avert journalistic assault, irrespective of the nature and authenticity of the issue. Instead of setting a harmonious and communally peaceful environment, press has been indiscreetly disseminating noxious sentiments within the society for their own commercial benefits and appeasing political pressure groups. 

Press has now disempowered the people of the country. Truth is buried and vested interested of pressure groups are accomplished. Disorder and chaos is pervading the society, and people are helpless. People who are part of the political agenda are empowered and people who are excluded from the political agenda are abandoned ruthlessly.  

This is Indian Journalism. Who will stop them?    

Anti-male TV serials

December 19, 2006

Now, the mission of women’s organizations is to improve the status of women in the country. Don’t know on what basis they believe that women’s status in the country is inferior. Maybe if they consult a psychiatrist, then we would officially know that they are suffering from paranoia. How will they attain it? 

Apparently, the only solution, women’s group is assuming to improve women’s status is to show men in bad light. Till now they aren’t facing any public objection for slandering all men on television. Surprising, isn’t it? The increase in women-centric serials on television is mind-blowing. It deserves to be called an insane phenomenon. Stressed out working people coming home, would like to watch some refreshing and comical serials to de-stress themselves. They keep on changing channels and they only find one type of women-centric serials on all television channels all at once. If this sort of mental torture is given to a hard-core criminal, he would surely breakdown within a week.  

These women-centric serials have pretty much the same theme. Show women as better than men. Now how will they do that? They first select the target. Not the target audience. Target the part of the society that they feel should be destroyed. Men and Patriarchy. There are endless creative ideas with the writers to show men as criminals.  

The latest serial, ‘Betiyaan – Apni yaa parayaa dhan’ is very fascinating. One family, 2-4 elder daughters and one youngest son. I know you’ll have already visualized what will be shown in this serial. Yes, you’ll are right. The son is shown as spoilt brat, worthless and weak in studies and drunkard. Daughters, on the other hand, Yes you guessed it right, are shown responsible, mature, hardworking, cultured, and an obedient child. There is a lead actress supposedly the eldest of all is a very scary woman. She is always on the slapping spree. Watch just one episode and you will see her slapping different men three to four times. This sort of behaviour on television is a direct encouragement and inspiration to all women that slapping a guy is fine and justified. Are they not worried that this can easily increase domestic violence on men? It seems that is exactly what they want. In the famous movie, ‘Harry Potter’ the girl is shown punching another boy and men’s groups had objected because this sort of visual will only increase violence in women. They are quite justified in their objection.  

Anti-patriarchal value serials like, ‘Thodi khushi, thoda gum’ is yet another classic. The head of the family, a male, is always made a scapegoat. The daughters-in-law are superwomen. They are invincible, impeccable and always right. The world would have been heaven if this was true. Anyways, the serial is doing well to crumble the patriarchy system of the society but ironically, the value system of patriarchy of protecting and providing women should still remain. Well, that is quite understandable seeing the way women usually think. They want to have the best of both the worlds. Eat one’s cake and have it too.     

There are innumerable women-centric serials on air at the moment. All have the same theme with different stories. Degrade male gender so that women’s status is improved. Show men as oppressors, criminals and show women as victims, innocent and potentially better than men in every respect. Women just love these serials. And men, well men are facing domestic violence which the Government does not want to recognize. Men’s health has been steadily deteriorating because they are cruelly forced by their wife to watch these torturous serials everyday. Phew, now that is some nasty cruelty.  

Let’s see how many more such women-centric serials will come and go. The damage is already been done. Showing men as criminals and women as victims is apparently a winning formula in television serial business.          

What women think?

December 19, 2006

After years of observation, coupled with good and bad, novel and weird experiences, I thought I must pen down, especially for the men out there who like to be around a good woman but ends up with a victimizer. There are countless questions pertaining to women that have always puzzled men and some questions are answered here.  

Are women really beautiful?Undoubtedly, women are beautiful, from a man’s eye. However, taste sometimes differ in men but psychologically, men are instinctively attracted to the opposite sex. But some men would casually appreciate another man’s handsomeness; a woman would go beyond an appreciation for another woman’s beauty.  

Women talk about everything, I mean everything. You will observe that when a man talks about his sex life, his friends would turn it into a mischievous adventure, but when a woman talks about her sex life, her friends discuss the issue like they are in a boardroom.  

It is very disturbing and perplexing for men to find a geek hanging around with a beautiful woman. The man will question, “What the heck she sees in him?” The answer is that some women give more importance to the way a man is treating her than what he looks like, of course there are few, sorry more exceptions. This sort of proves that as long as men treat women the way she wants to be treated, she will fall for that man even if he isn’t good looking. Of course, she always has an escape route if she ever wants to explore sex with a handsome man and most women do use this quite often without letting anybody know.  

Women’s beauty is a man’s weakness and women are extremely happy with it. In order to incite sexual feelings in a man, she only has to wear revealing clothes and the work is done. But a man’s work is much tougher. If he wants to impress a woman, he has to use enormous numbers of witty one-liners. Let’s accept that it is a hard job.  

A man will have to ignore what he feels about the woman and say what the woman wants to hear.    

Why women are stronger than men?Men are instinctively attracted toward women without even exploration the source. And a woman knows exactly how and why men are attracted to them.  

Women will naturally be excellent sexologists because of their in-depth knowledge about men’s sexual psyche. And men blindly allow his sexual feelings to take over his disposition and women just love that. Sometimes men do fear of analyzing their sexual psyche because they feel they might lose their sexual interest from women, which is absolutely untrue.  

Men will begin to do things that would fuel their hope of satisfy their sexual desires from the woman they admire. And that is where a woman comes into action in manipulating the whole situation. She will use each and every tool in her closet to starve the man from sexual satisfaction and will also not allow his admiration for her to die out. He will be hanging in the mid-air in the hope of getting the woman and also won’t decide to give up on her. This is how men voluntarily shed their mental strength and consider women as stronger than them.  

The mere fact that men take all crisis in their stride and women freely complain over petty issues proves that men are stronger than women. But men believe that if they are helpless in front of a woman sexually, he thinks that women are stronger than him.  

Are women more intelligent than men?The physical strength that women lack is made up with an extra ability to communicate. Men are born thinkers. They think more than they speak.  

Women have an impressive ability to argue and turn the tables around in her favour even when she knows she is wrong. Men, even though they are physically stronger and more courageous, they are, in their heart, gullible. They like to be soft and gentle with women. Women like to control men with force.   

They believe that if a woman is beautiful, then she has to be a good natured and intelligent, and when they realize that it isn’t true, they prefer to stick to their belief. 

Many a times, employers hire women who are beautiful and good talkers, but even after realizing that his judgment about her ability and intelligence was wrong, the employer continues to make erroneous decision in the future. Could it be true that words speaks louder than action? Never know in women’s case.  

Yes, not all women are stupid, but not all men can use their high intelligence when they are with a woman. Men are more intelligent than women, but it’s the woman who uses more of her little intelligence.  

How to win an argument with a woman?The only way to win an argument with a woman is never to argue with her. Discuss. Women hate discussing sentimental issues with men. They like to manipulate the emotional side of a man to get what she wants. They fear that if men begin to think, they will not get the desired behaviour from the man.  

Men have to learn the skills of lying and manipulating. Women are naturals.  

As the saying goes, “When you open the door of the heart of a woman, you will find yet another door inside.” They never say what they mean and say what they don’t exactly mean.  

Woman’s position is dominant in a relationship as long as she remains enigmatic to the man. They strive to know what the man is thinking to revise her stand in his life, and will conceal her own feelings to keep the man guessing. She likes men to be ever creative and find new ways to please her.   

And if she detects that the man is getting laid back in the relationship, to bring him back on his toes, she will enact a situation that will make the man guilty of not taking care of the woman as she expects. Men need change but women hate change. To keep everything the same the woman will want men to change.   

Men feel guilty very soon and that is a powerful weapon in the hands of women, but men don’t know that. Even if she isn’t hurt, she will show the man that he has hurt her feelings and he should feel guilty if he really loves her. This way the man never realizes that he is actually a better lover then his woman.  


How can you manipulate a woman? This is a million-dollar question, isn’t it? To know what women thinks could unravel the mystery of the universe, to say the least. Women could be natural manipulator, but men can learn the skills of manipulation if they observe the woman meticulously. 

A man could possibly live without a woman, but a woman definitely cannot live without a man. Even though women are more desperate to be with a man, but it’s the man who expresses his impatience to be with a woman.  

Women are more physical than men. They are more particular about the way she dress, looks and walks. Men are like the adventurous wanderers; they like to be what they really are. It is understandable that when women are working so very hard to look good, she wants men also to put efforts to praise her hard work.  

Women feel more insecure than men, but it is the man who expresses his possessiveness. Man knows that other men could easily take his woman for a rid and so he dislikes his woman to talk to other men. Women know that all men are attracted to beautiful women, and so she dislikes when she sees another woman getting friendly with her man and demands her man to start mistreating the other woman.   

The most common mistake a man makes is to ‘try’ to satisfy the woman. First, it is highly unlikely that a woman knows what she really wants and what will make her happy. A man will spend all his life to do exactly what a woman wants and still the woman will complain that she isn’t happy. The problem here is women don’t know what will make her satisfied and eternally happy. ‘Happiness lies within’ is something women can’t understand.  

The only way to manipulate a woman is to be a woman yourself. Think like a woman. Of course, don’t behave and dress like a woman. If men too start complaining on petty issues like women do, if men too start making women guilty, if men too talk to women just like other women talk to her, if men too show that he is hurt by her action/words, then that man can manipulate the woman.  

However, there is no one rule because there are ‘n’ numbers of varieties of women out there who are waiting to show men how enigmatic they are. Women can easily drive men crazy by complaining about his behaviour toward her and still she never let’s him know what exactly she wants. As long as she makes the man guilty of not satisfying his woman, she will have an upper hand.  

Women like men to share his feelings. But men feel uncomfortable to do so because of the obvious reason, which women prefer not to understand. That is why women dislike unpredictable men and force men to believe that his woman is unpredictable and so he must be very careful. Men must say what he doesn’t mean and mean what he doesn’t say.   

Men are basically more honest to their woman and feel uneasy if they have to pretend. Women are comfortable pretending anything, anytime. She can show that she is madly in love with a man even when she actually loves somebody else. Men, if they don’t like a woman, he will not be able to conceal his lack of interest.  

Manipulation is all about controlling the present moment. Doesn’t matter who eventually wins in the end, but women aim to win in the present and remain unconcerned about the end. Women deal with a situation one at a time and men tries to solve the problem in one go. Women are very patient if she wants to change a man; men are impatient and take drastic steps if he wants to change a woman, and ends up seeing himself changed by that woman.  

Manipulation is handling the situation that is suitable for men at that particular moment and even if what he says and does isn’t really him, he must do what the situation demands in order to remain in control of the situation. It is a mind games and what a man feels is not necessarily to be conveyed to the woman.  

I hope men will be benefited from my observation. I also expect women will to be upset with me for unveiling their secrets. This article will go on and on if I have to write everything I know about women. Therefore, I adjourn this workshop on, “What Women Think?”

Boys too are sexually abused

December 19, 2006

We know that approximately one out of six of all American boys are sexually molested by the time they reach 18 years of age. There is no reason to believe that there will be any less number of boys molested in
India. We do not know how many of these boys are molested by sisters, teachers, baby-sitters and others in position of authority.

First, is it true? Can boys be molested? Can they be victims in the hands of not only men, but women too? The answer to these questions is an absolute “Yes!” Yes, it’s true, males are molested too. Yes, it’s true that boys are some times molested by perfect strangers. However, vast majority of boys, who are molested are victimized by some on they know. Perhaps someone they trust very much. Someone in position of authority. They are also molested by mothers, sisters, aunts, baby-sitters, teachers, nuns, music instructors, principals, school counselors, neighbours. So if boys are being molested by all of these kinds of people, why doesn’t the public hear more about this? When a female victim is sensationalized in media, then who would be curious to know about male victims?  

It is estimated that only 10% of molested boys ever make such reports. And even when they do, society tell boys that they should be ‘tough’ and solve problems on their own instead of complaining like a girl. Why don’t boys report when they are sexually abused? Boys are frequently threatened by the perpetrators that speaking up will lead to further violence for themselves and/or others. If the boy has an early sexual experience with an older female they are told they are ‘lucky’. How embarrassing for a male to admit he has been molested by his sister, neighbour, teacher, baby-sitter!  

The unwillingness of boys to report when they’ve been sexually victimized is even greater when the perpetrator is a sister, teacher, baby-sitter, aunt, neighbours and/or someone in authority. Bonding with, trusting and learning from our elders is an essential survival mechanism well-developed in modern day humans. We put our faith in the hands of someone in authority. At least until we learn there is a reason to question the facts which we were fed. They betrayed because these are the ones in life that are expected to protect us the most. Betrayal is a very difficult event to recover from. Betrayal leaves the victim with a sense of guilt. A sense that they “should have known better.” A sense that they are at fault. In fact, these exact messages are frequently fed to the victim by the perpetrator. “You know you wanted it. “”You enjoyed it. “”I don’t do this with others. You’re so special that you made me do it!”These are some of the words used by perpetrators to defend their actions. And the rest of the damage is done by the people who disbelieve the victim. On top of all this is the problem of being believed if one did speak up. Who would believe them? Sisters, teachers, baby-sitters and others in authority, are commonly well-known, well-respected, ‘trusted’ individual of the society. Who is going to believe a child over these people? Pressure exerted by radical feminists, the society has helplessly accepted that women are always victims and men are always the culprit. Under the multitude of conditions addressed above, who would want to speak up? Who would want to admit they have been sexually abused? Teach children ways to increase their safety. Let them know that if they are sexually abused its okay to report it. That they will be believed whoever the perpetrator is. Parents must understand that children are frequently exposed to sexually explicit pictures/videos, which will provoke their sexual tendencies even when they are young. Boys are sexually vulnerable particularly when they are left alone with someone parents believe will be responsible. Excessive trust on someone like elder sister, teachers, baby-sitters, aunts, neighbours could do an irreparable emotional damage to your child. If you don’t hear news of boys been sexually molested that does not mean it is not happening or it could never happen to your child. Especially in India, a female is over-protected and a male is left alone to take care of himself. Many families consider it normal and conventional to leave their male child in under-garments in the house. Such malignant attitude toward male child has never been criticized. Why? It is believed that only and only females have dignity and modesty, males don’t. Such anti-male attitude, sadly, has never been criticized by anybody because of the fact that in India, women are revered and ironically still it is called a male-dominated society. We know that a male-child is much more sexually vulnerable than a female-child because females reach puberty much early than males, but there is hardly anybody out there who is really concerned of protecting male-child.       Think about it.

What women will bring in a man’s life?

December 19, 2006

For centuries, women of
India were revered as the form of Goddess Laxmi of the house. The current trend has finally unraveled the mystery behind the reason for relating Indian women with Goddess Laxmi. Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Rightly said, wherever woman goes, wealth and prosperity will follow her. This strongly applies to the situation wherein a woman gets divorce from her husband and there goes the wealth and prosperity of the man in the hands of the woman. Man is the money-making machine and woman is the enjoyer of wealth and prosperity.

We have, however, never allowed the innumerable incidents about what women can do to get money in the way of our traditional belief system. Perhaps the media has never gathered enough courage to show the truth about women. Unfortunately, people of
India are keen to learn about gold-diggers not from other’s mistake but by committing a mistake themselves.

When a woman falsely accuses her husband of dowry harassment, in order to settle the case, she takes away all the wealth and prosperity of her husband with the help of unconditional support of the legal system. What is absurd is that the legal system does not believe that a woman can ever lie. Furthermore, men commit suicide 4 times more often than women, and it is increasing, but the legal system considers only and only women to be the victims of domestic violence. Women are extremely stubborn and will not allow the people to accept the truth that men are now the weaker gender of the society.  

There was already a formidable weapon in the hands of women in the form of anti-dowry laws IPC 498A to legally harass and blackmail innocent families, now the Government has one more gift for women – Domestic Violence Bill. This Bill has been gifted to women so that they can legally threaten to their husband that if they don’t become their slaves then they will be jailed. Women definitely couldn’t be happier for the Government’s support in their legal terrorism.  

What is important in this double-barrel gun – 498A and DV Bill, is that all women will be tempted to misuse it against their husband and the only escape for the husband from being arrested it to never get married at all. It is obvious that when all women are gifted with 498A and DV Bill, why would they not misuse it against their husband when they know it will paralyze their husband and in-laws legally? Besides, is there any other way to earn millions in a very short span of time?  

Apparently, now we know why women are revered as the form of Goddess Laxmi: because they have been gifted with 498A and DV Bill and would offer it to their husband and in-laws.  

A man getting married is not only bringing in a woman but along with her, she will bring in 498A and DV Bill. So when you frisk your bride on the day of marriage, you will find the deadly double-barrel gun attached to a waistline – 498A and DV Bill. And when she is dressed in heavily embroidered pricey saree and designer jewelry waiting for the marriage ceremony to get over, she will then offer you 498A and DV Bill as a token of love, not for you, for your wealth and prosperity. She will invite wealth and prosperity from your life into hers using 498A and DV Bill. She is indeed the form of Goddess Laxmi.