Male-dominated Society?

There has been excessive hoopla about male-dominated society, and quite understandably, from modern radical feminists of India. What is this male-dominated society where not a single man thinks so? Why only women harp about male-dominated society and men never? If at all it is a male-dominated society, then how come women make the rules and men have to protect and provide women? If it is a male-dominated society then how come women have always dominated men? It is the same deception women uses.  For centuries, men are fulfilling the obligation of protecting and providing for his family, which predominantly includes his dear wife. It has been taught to all men since childhood that he has to live his life for his family and not for himself. Repeatedly, all his sacrifice to keep his family happy has never been recognized or appreciated by the society for the basic fact that it is his inherent obligation, a liability that he has to comply for being a male gender in the country like
India. He slogs all day only to see his family’s wishes come true and he never gets disappointed when the woman of the family takes all the credit of a happy family.

Male gender in the family is primarily about responsibilities and by-God he has never disappointed anybody for his courage and resilience. He happily fulfills the economic wishes of his family even when he is in great pain. Millions of men have worked in some of the most inhospitable location, done the most dangerous jobs, slogged under the scorching sun, never grumbled when he slept empty stomach; he is the epitome of responsibility and courage. The ability to face crisis, and stand against the torturous emotional weather is the mark of a man.  On the contrary, women have been so far successful in demeaning the man’s courage and the ability to shoulder responsibility by saying that women were oppressed by men for centuries. For all the sacrifice made by male-gender of the family to protect and provide women, this is what men get in return: humiliation and false allegations. Furthermore, only a woman who fails to respect her father would say that it’s a male-dominated society where women were always oppressed by men. It is a proven fact that a man’s life has always been more gruesome and torturous than women. And women have always been secure under the protection of men.  

Indian society has never been a male-dominated society because men have always lived his life for the protection of women in the society. Even now. But now women have turned the tables. Now women want men to fulfill her desire, which has always been like this from the start, but now women have started refusing to accept slightest responsibility. Not only women want men to perform his duties but also want that women are making them do it or else they would again start oppressing women. Such humiliating allegations had been tolerated by the society only because they are women and men are expected to bear the responsibility of women.  The very belief system of protecting women stems from the attitude of men toward women. And now this belief system has been so manipulated by women that they have criminalized the whole male-gender to an extent that there is absolutely none to consider the plight of men in the society. This negative development has been encouraged by politicians for vote-banks and feministic media. Politicians believe that as long as they are getting the vote-bank and remain in power, the common man’s suffering should remain unnoticed. And this attitude of politicians has been cunningly exploited by women’s group to their advantage for encouraging all women to victimize men legally.  

By sensitizing the society toward women, they are forcing the society to be insensitive toward men and this can be clearly seen in the way law and order treats men. The truth is that women were never the weaker gender. It was the religious obligation of men to protect women for which he will be awarded highest heaven. But now men have become the weaker gender, thanks to ungrateful women. Men are expected to protect women; women have always been protecting other women, now who will protect men? If this unfortunate condition of the society continues to treat men as criminals and women as victims, then women, in the long run, will suffer ten times more than men.  It is a highly precarious situation for men because he is constantly bombarded with his obligation toward women especially when there are no deserving women left. Now there is much more of women than meets the eye. Women have proved that they have an innate ability to destroy men. Women will soon be paying a very high price for torturing men in this way.


5 Responses to “Male-dominated Society?”

  1. SIR NIGHT Says:

    indian men are hypocrites.

    they want to have a good family life [read devoted wife, well behaved children, well kept homes and security in old age]. but at the same time they want to enjoy the pleasures of an extra marital affair. basically they want to have their cake and eat it too.

    even in this age , sex is a taboo topic in mosst indian households. so men like to explore and experiment.

    now the question is why ‘married’ men ? well the answer to that is —

    1-they feel that being married gives them the licence to indulge in other women. they are looked upon as respectable and hence nobody would doubt their activities.

    2-after marriage, they are more or less settled with a good family and good jobs. this gives them some disposable income as well as time to get involved elsewhere.

    3-in the indian male dominated society, nobody is likely to question their activities as long as they are providing their families with the basic necessities with a fair amount of luxuries thrown in.

    4-they think the grass is always greener on the other side. they are not happy with what they have.

    They think the other man’s wife is better than his own . hence he is always on the prowl.

    5-Being married gives them a legitimate excuse to wriggle out any unpleasant relationships without getting hooked.

    They just want to enjoy without taking any responsibility.

    How do the wives react????? well,

    1- the ones with kids mostly are forced to turn a blind eye to the entire situation.for the sake of the kids she puts up with the philanderings of her husband.

    A divorced woman and children of broken homes is a big no no in the indian society. ‘family’ is considered sacred and hence divorce is not an option.

    2- The wives may rave and rant and nag their husbands till kingdom come, but indian men are bred in such a thick skinned society that the wails of a woman treated unjustly fall on deaf ears.

    The men have the support of the family members and the society at large.

    3-Some of the more modern women do opt to walk out of such unhealthy marriages but have to face the wrath of society and have to face a lot of ridicule and shame. a woman has to be very very strong to take on such a step. but now a days the educated and financially well off woman do dare to take the extreme step of kicking out the errant husband.

  2. neo Says:

    yes women now kick out thier husband,why would not they ?they dont need should know thier worth -only mean to be used -if not why were they not kicking them before?

    my sister argued to my mother- u dont say anything to him cause he is the one whos gonna pay.
    what pay?
    i was told its my responsibility but now I see use-ability.

    if tomorrow i become useless i dont want my mother to kick me off.

    i better leave my house. but i should not because its the use-ability of my father that i have to complete my degree.

    blind are those who wont be able to see the light how close you fire it to them. they will burn but they wont see the light.

    no of word spoken for men directly proportional to no of iron rods inserted in your arse.

    just keeping drinking feminist piss!! or be dead.

    hey @SIR NIGHT
    thats ur new keyboard that u were checking all the buttons?
    may be u should check ur anus if u have got a new tongue overthere.

  3. Tanya Says:

    You are a huge IDIOT!!! Just because its not said out loud doesn’t mean its not a male dominated society.

  4. neo Says:

    then what is said loudly ?thats its dominated by women?how many times you have heard its dominated by females? and how many times you have heard its male dominated?
    so which one is louder ?

    and u must be the next stephen hawking

  5. neo Says:

    why is it that you can raise millions of voices against men but can not bear a single voice against those million voices?

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