Husband is murdered by wife for sex

Sex, Murder, WivesHusbands are used to wife’s constant brutal nagging, absurd demands, and authoritative behaviour, which are, unfortunately, not yet termed as Domestic Violence. Now the husband will have to be prepared for wife’s attempt to kill him.  

Not one but two shocking incident is beginning to haunt the city of
Chennai especially the husband. Women, who are constantly given exaggerated legal protection, are now taking law into their own hands, so that they can have illicit sexual relation with outside men. Are women really so sexually wild and characterless?

In the first incident, a Chennai-based newly married man, who had been there for the honeymoon, was killed by his new wife. On the honeymoon day itself. The wife called her lover at the place of honeymoon and her husband was brutally killed so that she can enjoy the freedom of having sexual relation with her lover. This shameful, barbaric act of this woman has rightly disgraced the whole female-gender. What would have been the last thought of that innocent husband before dying? God bless his soul.  

In the second incident, a lawyer’s wife gave him sleeping pills and later attacked him with an iron rod and killed him. A woman attacking her husband with an iron rod and killing him is certainly very shocking. After the investigation, police found that her wife had killed her husband so that she can have a sexual affair with his nephew. I repeat “His Nephew.” Apparently, some women just don’t bother about the relation when it comes to sex. It seems that when they want it, they won’t hesitate to have it with anybody.  

However, there are always people who would want to give their irrational contribution to rescue these kinds of women. Dr. D. Narayana Reddy, Sexologist and Psychotherapist, says, “apart from sex, one should see this as a mental imbalance, as there should definitely be a reason that had provoked the wives to take such a decision. Either it could be the torture of the husband, motivation of the lover or some unavoidable family problems. Person who is forced to kill their husband cannot be mentally equilibrated person. They are certainly abnormal.”  

It seems Dr. D. Narayana Reddy has bribed to get medical certificates because he has miserably attempted to cover up the real motivation of the woman. A murder is a murder. It is not new to the people that when a man kills, he is punished unequivocally and when a woman kills, statements like these come up “She was mentally unstable and so she should go scot-free”. Typical isn’t it? Sex is sex. And we all know that women’s sexuality is 4 times stronger and acute than the man’s sexuality, however, women do have the power to control themselves, but lately they are beginning to enjoy extramarital affairs – 1-out-of-4 woman are into extramarital affairs for sex.  

According to Dr. D. Narayana Reddy, these women were forced to kill their husband. The doctor is clearly trying to justify the murder of the wife by portraying her as victim. There will be no surprise if these women will in turn accuse their dead husband of domestic violence in order to persuade the court to give them the victim tag. It has happened thousands of times in the past. Isn’t it amusing that whenever a woman is arrested, there are plenty of clowns out there to justify the crime committed by women? Maybe it’s all part of their Gender equality program where a woman should not be punished even after committing a crime like murder.  

City-based psychologist and sociologist C. R. Celin says, “Other than motivation factors, our films and TV serials play a major role in changing the attitude of women. Most of our television soaps are based on illicit affairs only. Also, there can be other factors like sex. If you bring in promiscuous women to your house through TV, she will soon show up reality too.” 

C. R. Celin’s statement is a little confusing. Is she asking the police to charge all the television serials for abetting a murder? According to her, those who watch these serials, television soaps – which she says are based on illicit affairs – are all promiscuous women and they have the potential to have illicit sexual affairs and can even kill their husband. Now that is extremely scary because television today is filled with such soaps which can induce any woman to kill their husband for sex. Well, then men who wants to marry will have to make sure that girl should not be watching any television soaps because he doesn’t want to get killed by his wife.   

To sum up, women are not hesitating to kill for sex and husband needs to be careful with that. It is such an irony here. Some women cry about marital rape in a scenario where the survey conveys that 1 out of 4 women are into extramarital affairs for sex. And some women cry domestic violence in a scenario where women are beginning to kill their husband to have sex with others. Sounds ridiculous to even pay heed to these false cries of women. This is probably a good time to start believing that women who call themselves victims are holding back a completely different truth, truth that will unmask their cruel intentions. Seriously, husband needs to be careful now.  

God bless the soul of these innocent men.


8 Responses to “Husband is murdered by wife for sex”

  1. Disgusted Says:

    This is the most sexist, idiotic posting of “gender rights” I have ever come across. Women can’t control themselves? We’ll have sex with anyone just to get it? Even to the point of murder? Sounds like you are looking in the mirror as you write, as men are much more sexually aggressive than women are.

    These select few cases you bring up do not represent all women, they are merely anecdotal rarities. You can find thousands more cases of men murdering their wives, sisters, mothers, or raping them. I am sure you already know this though, but have some sort of bitterness, insecurity, and hatred inside of you that you have decided to take out on women (possibly because you want them and envy them in some ways, yet feel rejected by them?)

  2. MANOJ MEHTA Says:

    dear correspondent above me is right, all women r not bad but all men r not bad then why laws r in favour of women.womens r also bad.

  3. horrified Says:

    I can’t beleive this. They are individuals not all women. Just because they have done these horrible acts doesn’t mean all woamn are like that. to the person who wrote this aticle- grow up. We live in a world where we all sin. You keep saying god bless but you don’t even know god if you are saying all women are sinners- according to the bible all have sinned (men and women) and fallen short of the glory of god but are saved by the grace of the blood of jesus.

  4. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    This is quite a up-to-date information. I’ll share it on Facebook.

  5. tamojit das Says:

    To horrified
    we all sin, but very often women get away with their crime playing the victim card. you dont pay enough attention, in my view, otherwise will get to know that how all men are treated because few men sin.

  6. Lewis Says:

    Bad women exist. Bad men exist. What we need are gender neutral laws and a gender neutral society.

  7. sebhai Says:

    Few men sin?
    From what I’ve seen in India few it’s not the word I would describe it.

    • Lewis Says:

      Who said few , men make majority of offenders but women offenders are mostly from westernised societies . Not all of them but only some . Nonetheless they should not be ignored .

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