Marital Rape

Are they trying to be funny? Love making between husband and wife is termed as marital rape. Rape? We all know women have a natural gift of making a mountain out of a molehill, but this is heights of absurdity.  

Sex is a necessary part of marriage, if not most important. Sexual incompatibility too plays a major role in divorce cases in
India. Domestic Violence Bill has clearly specified that husband’s non-willingness to consummate is considered cruelty to women. Marital rape says that when husband is willing to consummate, it is considered marital rape.

What will a husband do then? If he doesn’t have sex, he is punished for cruelty under Domestic Violence Bill, if he does have sex, and he is still punished for marital rape. Absolutely ridiculous.   

Nobody is unaware of the outrageous ways of these women groups to over-protect and over-pamper female gender. There were already lopsided laws that is prevalently considered as marriage breakers such as anti-dowry laws (IPC 498A), domestic violence bill and now marital rape. Whatever maybe the intentions of these women groups but they are indeed doing a commendable job to ruin Indian families.  

A recent survey revealed a striking reality about Indian women. 1 out of 5 women are into extramarital affairs. That can also be read as 1 out of 5 men are not aware that their wife is into extramarital affairs. Looking at these facts, it becomes much clearer as to why women want marital rape laws.  

A woman having a sexual affair outside marriage is understandably not interested to have sex with her husband. When her lover is satisfying her sexual needs, then why would she want to have sex with her husband? Quite obvious, isn’t it? Her innocent husband, unfortunately, is in love with her and he wants to express his love. The wife is given the right to call her husband’s act as marital rape. Rape? And if the husband goes to a prostitute, still he will be legally punished for patronizing prostitution, as per law. It seems women are saying, “Men have no right to satisfy themselves, they are born to satisfy only us, whenever we want it and how we want it, or we will legally punish them.” 

Will the husband accused of marital rape by his wife want to live with her again? What will the husband think after he is accused of marital rape and arrested on the complaint of his wife? Will he continue to have marriage relationship with her wife? Besides, how will the husband disprove his wife’s false allegations? It is practically impossible for the husband to prove his innocence. Well, then in that case, husbands are not marrying their wife, they are marrying a person who is fully equipped with all legal rights to ruin his life.  

Husband’s condition is extremely precarious especially in
India. First, he is in constant threat of being falsely accused of dowry harassment, domestic violence and now marital rape. Even if he blows up his wife’s extramarital affairs in the court, the law says that the husband will be arrested for abetting his wife’s adultery and the wife can go scot-free. In every imaginable ways, the husband is punished. This is new
India, thanks to women. The law is taking more than necessary care of women; their sexual needs; their monetary needs; their revengeful intentions, and doing everything possible to ruin men’s life.  

Beware to-be husbands. Your life is in great danger. The woman you are marrying has been given legal rights to ruin your life. If you do not live your life as per her terms – her terms could be anything from kicking your parents out of the house, transferring money, investments, property to her name, and living like a slave – you will be arrested and punished legally.  

Think about it. If women are given all these exorbitant legal rights to do anything she wants, why would she not exercise her rights to ruin a man’s life? What will inhibit her to take decision to ruin a man’s life legally? Nothing. If Indian women have a slightest sense of character, they wouldn’t even consider calling love-making between husband and wife as marital rape. The sacred tag attached to “Indian Women” has now turned into a shameful, disgraceful tag.   


5 Responses to “Marital Rape”

  1. my blog Says:

    check this out…

    this is mine…

  2. rajeev Says:

    rightly said. indian laws have become too much women-biased, anti-male.
    many a times, i am not in the mood to have sex daily with my wife(may be in a month or so), but i am forced to do so daily by my wife (this force does not need physical force; the fear and hidden threats itself that if i do not satisfy her urges, she may have an extra marital affair and her stern answers in all the conversation and mocking in front of our children. She will call me impotent. These thing itself forces you into submission )

    is this not a marital rape. Had i done reverse to her, the films/society/novels would have shown her in sympathetic light. Movies will always show males in poor light, as some sort of daemons who are always chasing girls for sex, but i would say the reverse is also true.

    If a male who is fully capable, but wants emotional attachment always and sex sporadically; and if her wife wants wild sex daily; then he will be called impotent and laughed and hence forced. Is this not a marital rape.

  3. rajeev Says:

    “notion that as husband is a male and has more physical power and hence can not be forced into sex against his wishes” – is farce and needs to be changed.

  4. rajeev Says:

    “notion that males are some sort of daemon , ALL the males are ALWAYS seeking sex ALL the times; whereas women are sati savitri” – is farce and needs to be changed.

    I have worked in call centers and in some HR departments, have found women so flirtateous and always dropping hints for extra martial sex. Hence, there are lots and lots of married and unmarried women also, who are always seeking sex in the garb of over-friendliness, over-frankness, raw sexual jokes. They are not sati-savitri as depicted in TV serials or movies.

  5. kaldari Says:

    Sex without consent should be illegal regardless of whether it is perpetrated by a man or a woman. No one has the right to physically force someone to have sex against their will. That should be obvious to anyone with a conscience.

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