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Women’s rights

December 19, 2006

Apology to women who are expecting this article to be pro-feminists. Apology to women, for this article will be revealing and exposing the delusory manipulation of people’s sentiments and misdirecting the Government’s priorities in the name of “Women’s Rights.”  

The respect, gentleness and chivalry showered by all men over female-gender for centuries have now become the noose strapped around the neck of all men. Women cunningly went on demanding preferential treatment by exaggerating the need of chivalry, and men continued to feel nice for being in the good books of women. It is evident that for a man to please a woman, he must treat her with respect, gentleness and courtesy. It was the way men expressed their admiration toward female-gender. Men have always been submissive to a woman’s desires. Whatever she wants, the man will do everything to make her satisfied and happy. But, women are insatiable and up to some extent, illogical, too.   

Women re-named the need of excessive chivalry into “Rights” Rights! According to the definition of ‘Rights’, it means ‘a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral.’ An exaggerated and a perverted version of chivalry have been called a Woman’s Rights. Is there anything like Men’s Rights? Not likely. Because it was men who treated women with special favour from the beginning, and women used to relish every bit of it, till they realize that re-naming chivalry to “Rights”, will enhance their dominant role in the society and also remain a weaker gender. This double-edged policy of women worked wonders for all women, and men were absolutely unaware of what is going to happen next. This new version of chivalry as “Rights” was massively politicized. It had become an important political agenda from a mere natural chivalry of men toward women. 

This was perhaps the beginning of the end of social harmony. It is evident that before politicizing “women’s rights”, there exists natural and unclouded gender equality in the society. The insatiable need of women for chivalry in the name of “Rights” was politicized to such an extent that Political ideologies were incorporating these ‘rights’ to augment their social reputation. People who were chivalrous toward a woman – which was then converted into a political and social “rights” of women – were respected in the society, and those who refused or objected on politicizing the women’s need of chivalry were condemned and rebuked. This incident inspired some women to coin the term, “Male-chauvinist pig.” Men began to go to any lengths in order to avoid being called a male-chauvinist pig either by a woman or by the society at large. This treatment given by women and the society to men who objected women’s rights also prevented men to unite and protest against politicizing chivalry. The society continues to be submissive to a woman’s demand of chivalry, and will protect her need of excessive preferential treatment with great aggression. After many decades, a man continues to bear the brunt for not objecting and protesting against politicizing chivalry in those times. Ridiculous legal ‘rights’ have been extracted by women from the pool of political ideologies of protecting women’s so-called ‘rights’ or ‘insatiable need of chivalry’. However, women have worked very hard to maintain the tag of being called the weaker gender and prevent men to unite and protest against their manipulation. Now, in almost all the countries of the World, women’s ‘rights’ is considered most important political agenda. And many ministers have gained considerable political mileage in appeasing the demands of women by sacrificing the social justice. Women’s ludicrous demand of excessive chivalry in every spheres of life has been met, and they are also called the weaker gender of the society. Killing two birds with one stone.  

It is obvious that their demands for ‘rights’ will never end. Even after enslaving male-gender, violating all fundamental rights of men and legally harassing all men, these women will still continue to be called the weaker gender, and the society will continue to accept it as true. Women are enjoying the best of both the worlds. Excessive chivalry of the medieval times, and enjoying unconditional freedom and also be called the weaker gender.  

Men have essentially made a gravest blunder of their species to allow women to politicize their exorbitant need of chivalry. Now, women are on top in almost every political authorities and it is highly unlikely that these women will ever admit the need to protect men’s rights. These women in power are all sadists and feel pleasure in tormenting male-gender. All these women are misandrist and will not allow anybody to provide any protection to these innocent hapless men. Men will soon be totally abandoned, helpless, defenseless, having no legal rights with loads of legal obligations that make up Women’s Rights. After all, women’s need for excessive chivalry in the name of ‘rights’ is all about ruining all men’s basic rights and burdening them with legal obligations toward female-gender. To women, this is what gender equality is all about. 

More and more children are brought up under single parenting than ever before. Children are deprived of the father’s love and affection. This emotional hole in children usually drive them toward violence, drug-abuse and incite suicidal tendencies. Boys are psychologically crippled while studying in a feministic schooling where girls are encouraged to taunt and ridicule boy’s masculinity. Teachers too are making sure that boys lag behind girls in studies. Fathers are unable to imbibe their wisdom of life into their children because the woman assassinates the character of the father to her child. Men are left to be called as mere sperm-bank before marriage and money-making machine after divorce. A woman will get married to a man to get a child, and divorce her husband to get huge alimony. This is the modern culture, where men are considered as oppressors and women are considered the weaker gender.  

Various laws are proposed by anti-male feminists to break marriages, torture men legally and walk away stinking rich. Their anti-male campaign has been facilitated by political parties, media, advertising agencies, NGOs, colleges, schools and even private companies. Male-bashing is the order of the day. Now this misandry culture has been spreading like fire in almost all developed and developing countries. In India, Domestic Violence Bill is introduced on the basis of the survey of United Nation, which as been taken over by radical feminists, and therefore, all their statistical reports on domestic violence on women are fictitious and fabricated. In India, women demand to be worshipped in homes as they assumed that in the vedic times, women were revered in homes. In addition, in vedic times, husbands were considered, “Pati Parmeshwar” (husband is godly). However, when it comes to treating husband nicely, these same women, who demand to be worshipped, like to select tradition as per their convenience and luxury and condemn the rest of the undesirable tradition calling all men as oppressors and criminals.  

They would like to wear skimpy clothes to induce sexual feelings in men and at the same time they like men to worship them. How hypocritical and pretentious! When somebody points out their hypocrisy, these same women accuse them for hurting a woman’s so-called dignity and modesty. Only a woman with dignity and modesty will wear skimpy clothes and also expect men to worship them. Women want men to ogle at them, but they never admit that. Women want men to approach them for sex, but they always cry date rape or sexual abuse. In most of the surveys conducted between men and women, women are more comfortable being dishonest to distort the results of the survey. It is believed that now, young boys are more vulnerable to sexual abuse from a woman because nobody would ever doubt the care and affection of a woman toward a child. In India, incest is rampant and females continue to be called the victims even when in most of the cases, females are the perpetrators of such a sexual encounter. Women will seduce her seniors and when he approaches, she will cry sexual harassment and gets him fired, and that is how she could get promoted. These types of women have no sense of character or human values. They are always obsessed with sex, power and money.   

Women being physically weaker, they are verbally extremely vicious and can easily drive a man to insanity and even suicide. Men commit suicide 4 times more often than women for the same reason. A woman is more likely to instigate domestic violence than men but it is always the man who is called the criminal. Women are as violent as men in the domestic relationship but because the man is physically stronger, the sympathy invariably goes to the woman. Blackmailing, emotional abuse, verbal insults and humiliation, physical assaults are all formidable weapons of women to destroy men. But, these weapons have never been recognized by the law or the society. They believe that when women are fighting for their so-called ‘rights’, then it makes no sense to protect men. Now, laws are enacted to be exclusively misused by women to legally harass men. Men who are victims of women’s atrocities are legally, politically, and socially forbidden to complain against a woman. Most women are unconcerned when they see more and more men complaining against women because as long as there are women in authority, these hapless men’s plead will never be taken seriously.       

These women like to live like animals in the name of modern lifestyle and liberalism. All the good stuff should be with women and all the bad stuff should be with men. Women should be treated like princess and men should be treated as criminals who are only useful during sex and alimony. Men should be barred from education so there is no competition for women. Women want legal powers to sleep around with anybody they want and still be called loyal, weaker gender and dignified. Women want legal power in the name of their so-called “rights” to enslave men as their pet dog and have sex with them whenever they can, order men to cook and clean for them, men should serve her when she returns back home from office, act as her punching bag as and when she is frustrated, help her in having sex with her paramour, work like a labour and give all the money to her, look after the kids, entertain her with sleazy dance, and be ready to get kicked out of her house when the man becomes impotent, broke, physically ill and refuses to obey her command. This is what women want and they want all this saying that it is their so-called “rights.” Think about it.     

Now a revolution is needed; Revolution of demolishing the fortress of these women’s deception. There is more inequality and social disharmony now after politicizing women’s rights than ever before. Banishing these women’s rights is the only way to revive equality, social harmony and justice. We don’t want women’s rights or women empowerment. We only want equality and social justice. These male-hating feminists have destroyed all humanly cultures.  

The situation is so bad that no man in the world is safe now. Men have no choice but to fight back. Fight for your rights, fight against injustice, fight against tyranny. If men don’t fight, they will perish, and women will still be called the weaker gender and continue to demand her so-called despicable ‘rights’.  

There are no ‘rights’. Women only want ‘power’ and ‘legal license’ to enslave men.


What women think?

December 19, 2006

After years of observation, coupled with good and bad, novel and weird experiences, I thought I must pen down, especially for the men out there who like to be around a good woman but ends up with a victimizer. There are countless questions pertaining to women that have always puzzled men and some questions are answered here.  

Are women really beautiful?Undoubtedly, women are beautiful, from a man’s eye. However, taste sometimes differ in men but psychologically, men are instinctively attracted to the opposite sex. But some men would casually appreciate another man’s handsomeness; a woman would go beyond an appreciation for another woman’s beauty.  

Women talk about everything, I mean everything. You will observe that when a man talks about his sex life, his friends would turn it into a mischievous adventure, but when a woman talks about her sex life, her friends discuss the issue like they are in a boardroom.  

It is very disturbing and perplexing for men to find a geek hanging around with a beautiful woman. The man will question, “What the heck she sees in him?” The answer is that some women give more importance to the way a man is treating her than what he looks like, of course there are few, sorry more exceptions. This sort of proves that as long as men treat women the way she wants to be treated, she will fall for that man even if he isn’t good looking. Of course, she always has an escape route if she ever wants to explore sex with a handsome man and most women do use this quite often without letting anybody know.  

Women’s beauty is a man’s weakness and women are extremely happy with it. In order to incite sexual feelings in a man, she only has to wear revealing clothes and the work is done. But a man’s work is much tougher. If he wants to impress a woman, he has to use enormous numbers of witty one-liners. Let’s accept that it is a hard job.  

A man will have to ignore what he feels about the woman and say what the woman wants to hear.    

Why women are stronger than men?Men are instinctively attracted toward women without even exploration the source. And a woman knows exactly how and why men are attracted to them.  

Women will naturally be excellent sexologists because of their in-depth knowledge about men’s sexual psyche. And men blindly allow his sexual feelings to take over his disposition and women just love that. Sometimes men do fear of analyzing their sexual psyche because they feel they might lose their sexual interest from women, which is absolutely untrue.  

Men will begin to do things that would fuel their hope of satisfy their sexual desires from the woman they admire. And that is where a woman comes into action in manipulating the whole situation. She will use each and every tool in her closet to starve the man from sexual satisfaction and will also not allow his admiration for her to die out. He will be hanging in the mid-air in the hope of getting the woman and also won’t decide to give up on her. This is how men voluntarily shed their mental strength and consider women as stronger than them.  

The mere fact that men take all crisis in their stride and women freely complain over petty issues proves that men are stronger than women. But men believe that if they are helpless in front of a woman sexually, he thinks that women are stronger than him.  

Are women more intelligent than men?The physical strength that women lack is made up with an extra ability to communicate. Men are born thinkers. They think more than they speak.  

Women have an impressive ability to argue and turn the tables around in her favour even when she knows she is wrong. Men, even though they are physically stronger and more courageous, they are, in their heart, gullible. They like to be soft and gentle with women. Women like to control men with force.   

They believe that if a woman is beautiful, then she has to be a good natured and intelligent, and when they realize that it isn’t true, they prefer to stick to their belief. 

Many a times, employers hire women who are beautiful and good talkers, but even after realizing that his judgment about her ability and intelligence was wrong, the employer continues to make erroneous decision in the future. Could it be true that words speaks louder than action? Never know in women’s case.  

Yes, not all women are stupid, but not all men can use their high intelligence when they are with a woman. Men are more intelligent than women, but it’s the woman who uses more of her little intelligence.  

How to win an argument with a woman?The only way to win an argument with a woman is never to argue with her. Discuss. Women hate discussing sentimental issues with men. They like to manipulate the emotional side of a man to get what she wants. They fear that if men begin to think, they will not get the desired behaviour from the man.  

Men have to learn the skills of lying and manipulating. Women are naturals.  

As the saying goes, “When you open the door of the heart of a woman, you will find yet another door inside.” They never say what they mean and say what they don’t exactly mean.  

Woman’s position is dominant in a relationship as long as she remains enigmatic to the man. They strive to know what the man is thinking to revise her stand in his life, and will conceal her own feelings to keep the man guessing. She likes men to be ever creative and find new ways to please her.   

And if she detects that the man is getting laid back in the relationship, to bring him back on his toes, she will enact a situation that will make the man guilty of not taking care of the woman as she expects. Men need change but women hate change. To keep everything the same the woman will want men to change.   

Men feel guilty very soon and that is a powerful weapon in the hands of women, but men don’t know that. Even if she isn’t hurt, she will show the man that he has hurt her feelings and he should feel guilty if he really loves her. This way the man never realizes that he is actually a better lover then his woman.  


How can you manipulate a woman? This is a million-dollar question, isn’t it? To know what women thinks could unravel the mystery of the universe, to say the least. Women could be natural manipulator, but men can learn the skills of manipulation if they observe the woman meticulously. 

A man could possibly live without a woman, but a woman definitely cannot live without a man. Even though women are more desperate to be with a man, but it’s the man who expresses his impatience to be with a woman.  

Women are more physical than men. They are more particular about the way she dress, looks and walks. Men are like the adventurous wanderers; they like to be what they really are. It is understandable that when women are working so very hard to look good, she wants men also to put efforts to praise her hard work.  

Women feel more insecure than men, but it is the man who expresses his possessiveness. Man knows that other men could easily take his woman for a rid and so he dislikes his woman to talk to other men. Women know that all men are attracted to beautiful women, and so she dislikes when she sees another woman getting friendly with her man and demands her man to start mistreating the other woman.   

The most common mistake a man makes is to ‘try’ to satisfy the woman. First, it is highly unlikely that a woman knows what she really wants and what will make her happy. A man will spend all his life to do exactly what a woman wants and still the woman will complain that she isn’t happy. The problem here is women don’t know what will make her satisfied and eternally happy. ‘Happiness lies within’ is something women can’t understand.  

The only way to manipulate a woman is to be a woman yourself. Think like a woman. Of course, don’t behave and dress like a woman. If men too start complaining on petty issues like women do, if men too start making women guilty, if men too talk to women just like other women talk to her, if men too show that he is hurt by her action/words, then that man can manipulate the woman.  

However, there is no one rule because there are ‘n’ numbers of varieties of women out there who are waiting to show men how enigmatic they are. Women can easily drive men crazy by complaining about his behaviour toward her and still she never let’s him know what exactly she wants. As long as she makes the man guilty of not satisfying his woman, she will have an upper hand.  

Women like men to share his feelings. But men feel uncomfortable to do so because of the obvious reason, which women prefer not to understand. That is why women dislike unpredictable men and force men to believe that his woman is unpredictable and so he must be very careful. Men must say what he doesn’t mean and mean what he doesn’t say.   

Men are basically more honest to their woman and feel uneasy if they have to pretend. Women are comfortable pretending anything, anytime. She can show that she is madly in love with a man even when she actually loves somebody else. Men, if they don’t like a woman, he will not be able to conceal his lack of interest.  

Manipulation is all about controlling the present moment. Doesn’t matter who eventually wins in the end, but women aim to win in the present and remain unconcerned about the end. Women deal with a situation one at a time and men tries to solve the problem in one go. Women are very patient if she wants to change a man; men are impatient and take drastic steps if he wants to change a woman, and ends up seeing himself changed by that woman.  

Manipulation is handling the situation that is suitable for men at that particular moment and even if what he says and does isn’t really him, he must do what the situation demands in order to remain in control of the situation. It is a mind games and what a man feels is not necessarily to be conveyed to the woman.  

I hope men will be benefited from my observation. I also expect women will to be upset with me for unveiling their secrets. This article will go on and on if I have to write everything I know about women. Therefore, I adjourn this workshop on, “What Women Think?”

What women will bring in a man’s life?

December 19, 2006

For centuries, women of
India were revered as the form of Goddess Laxmi of the house. The current trend has finally unraveled the mystery behind the reason for relating Indian women with Goddess Laxmi. Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Rightly said, wherever woman goes, wealth and prosperity will follow her. This strongly applies to the situation wherein a woman gets divorce from her husband and there goes the wealth and prosperity of the man in the hands of the woman. Man is the money-making machine and woman is the enjoyer of wealth and prosperity.

We have, however, never allowed the innumerable incidents about what women can do to get money in the way of our traditional belief system. Perhaps the media has never gathered enough courage to show the truth about women. Unfortunately, people of
India are keen to learn about gold-diggers not from other’s mistake but by committing a mistake themselves.

When a woman falsely accuses her husband of dowry harassment, in order to settle the case, she takes away all the wealth and prosperity of her husband with the help of unconditional support of the legal system. What is absurd is that the legal system does not believe that a woman can ever lie. Furthermore, men commit suicide 4 times more often than women, and it is increasing, but the legal system considers only and only women to be the victims of domestic violence. Women are extremely stubborn and will not allow the people to accept the truth that men are now the weaker gender of the society.  

There was already a formidable weapon in the hands of women in the form of anti-dowry laws IPC 498A to legally harass and blackmail innocent families, now the Government has one more gift for women – Domestic Violence Bill. This Bill has been gifted to women so that they can legally threaten to their husband that if they don’t become their slaves then they will be jailed. Women definitely couldn’t be happier for the Government’s support in their legal terrorism.  

What is important in this double-barrel gun – 498A and DV Bill, is that all women will be tempted to misuse it against their husband and the only escape for the husband from being arrested it to never get married at all. It is obvious that when all women are gifted with 498A and DV Bill, why would they not misuse it against their husband when they know it will paralyze their husband and in-laws legally? Besides, is there any other way to earn millions in a very short span of time?  

Apparently, now we know why women are revered as the form of Goddess Laxmi: because they have been gifted with 498A and DV Bill and would offer it to their husband and in-laws.  

A man getting married is not only bringing in a woman but along with her, she will bring in 498A and DV Bill. So when you frisk your bride on the day of marriage, you will find the deadly double-barrel gun attached to a waistline – 498A and DV Bill. And when she is dressed in heavily embroidered pricey saree and designer jewelry waiting for the marriage ceremony to get over, she will then offer you 498A and DV Bill as a token of love, not for you, for your wealth and prosperity. She will invite wealth and prosperity from your life into hers using 498A and DV Bill. She is indeed the form of Goddess Laxmi.

Double standard of women

December 19, 2006

Ravan had ten heads but he had only one distinct personality. Whereas Indian women have one head but many conflicting personalities. Women have always been hard to understand. The reason was not that they are enigmatic and unpredictable. The reason had been that men were conditioned to think in a particular manner about women. Most of the time men find it difficult to learn from experiences where he sees a distinct difference between the woman and the belief system the society carries about women. But now men have rejected the old outdated belief system about women and have begun understanding women through observation and experience. They now know that what they are asked to see is not always true.   

Feminists have been babbling about women rights and people are now kind of getting bored and irritated with their eccentric ideologies on womanhood. People are realizing that these feminists are holding a double standard in their so-called woman liberation. They want to be financially independent and also want to brag about it on a global scale but when it comes to alimony, they don’t feel ashamed of demanding her ex-husband to pay them maintenance. Where is their so-called dignity the idea of women liberation at the time of being a financial burden on her ex-husband especially when they brag about being financially independent? It seems that they do not have any self-respect or dignity and that is why they are not ashamed of extracting money from their ex-husband even when they are financially independent. They wouldn’t want to miss any chance to pass the buck onto her ex-husband’s shoulder of providing her financially. This is double standard.  

They are not only shaking off their basic family responsibilities, but they are also offensively dictating the duties of men. When it comes to their freedom, they rationalize their self-centered actions by comparing the culture of US and when it comes to the men’s freedom, they remind people of the tradition of our country that men must support and provide woman. That means women have the right to follow US culture and men are obligated to follow
India’s 14th century tradition. When a man gets into an extramarital affair, he is called a cheat and disloyal to his wife. But when a woman gets into an extramarital affair, she is called a modern woman who does not hesitate to satisfy her sexual needs. She is praised when she has a one-night-stand and when a man has a one-night-stand, his character is assassinated ruthlessly.

Men are naturally attracted to women and they will try to grab the attention of women in more than one ways. But women never admit that they want to grab men’s attention by wearing skimpy clothes. They often rationalize saying that they wear skimpy clothes because they feel comfortable. Women want men to look at them and also want to induce sexual feelings in men toward them. But when men do look at them, they immediately conceal their ulterior motives by saying men only think about sex and that they dislike being ogled by men. What a big lie!  

They even make a big fuss that so-and-so city is not safe for women because they can’t go out in the middle of the night. Well, going out in the middle of the night is not safe for men either. And only a person with questionable maturity would want to go out in the middle of the night to see if they are safe. No country in the world is safe in the night for anybody including US.  

Feminists are encouraging women to get aggressive, offensively assertive and whimsical and this can easily be seen in today’s modern women. Men are constantly bombarded with the etiquettes he must follow of respecting all women equally and acting submissive to the woman’s desires. It is alright for women to humiliate, insult, and offend a man and she will also be praised to give a piece of her mind to that innocent man. But when a man even attempts to defend his dignity, he is brutally criticized for disrespecting a woman’s dignity and modesty. It seems that dignity, self-respect and modesty is the prerogative of only women and these feminists are trying hard to demean men’s status in the society even though their own father, husband, brother and son are also men. 

They even try to remind people that in
India, women are worshipped and therefore, the tradition must go on even now. In that case men too are worshipped because most of the Indian Gods are males. No! Men, according to feminists, must worship women and women must not worship men at all. As a matter of fact, women must demean men so that they learn the lesson for not listening to women. With such offensive, destructive attitude of women, the Indian society will soon be destroyed beyond repair and women shall be wholly responsible. Modern women just can’t follow one simple principle – Give Respect to Earn Respect. Being intensely demanding only proves their pathetic arrogance.

Women exposed

December 19, 2006

The book ‘If men have all the power, how come women make the rules?’ written by Jack Kammer has indeed shook the very foundation of feminism, so to speak. It has incorporated some of the most thought-provoking facts about women, which men often overlook it or even ignore considering it to be a natural quality of women. The observation he made in this should have been known to all men but Jack Kammer probably is much more courageous to defend his self-respect against the incessant attacks of feminism.  

Some of the facts given in the book are enumerated below: 

1) Women invent rules, manipulate men to obey them, and in this way dominate men – but in no way apply the rules to themselves.  

2) How come men never say, “It’s a man’s world”? 

3) Our greatest weakness is our façade of strength. Women’s greatest strength is their façade of weakness. 

4) If men have all the power how come women make the rules? 

5) Women’s power is difficult to see and measure. As long as women can pretend they don’t have any power, we can’t call them on how they use and misuse it.  

6) It’s tough to trust a person who holds a club behind her back and says, “A club? What club? I don’t have a club.”  

7) As long as women get away with thinking we’re inferior, they’ll have no qualms about treating us badly. They might not even know they’re doing it. 

8) Any man would be damaged by the allegation that ‘he doesn’t respect women.’ Why is it so hard to imagine that any woman would be hurt by the charge that ‘she doesn’t respect men”? 

9) Women get a lot of power just out of the fact that they expect and demand special and preferential treatment. 

10) Most of the damage women do is indirect. If she only bats her eyes to induce a guy into a fight, nobody’s going to blame her. Women do a lot of things that provoke and trigger responses in men. But nobody seems able to see that. 

11) Society authorizes women to use make-up, fashion and jewelry to gain attention and stimulate sexual demand among men.  

12) Women laugh at us when studies show that we think about sex several times per hour. We could get a bigger laugh if anyone ever did a study on how often women think about being sexy. 

13) If a woman ends a marriage, she is putting an end to a stifling and oppressive relationship. If a man ends a marriage, he is abandoning his family. If a woman decides not to marry someone, it is her choice of making her life as happy as she can. If a man decides not to marry someone, he is a womanizer or afraid of commitment.  

14) The standard for boy behaviour toward girls: You may never every hit a girl, no matter what, not even in self-defence and if you ever do we’ll thrash you to within an inch of your life to teach you a lesson about violence. The standard for girl toward boys: Did you really slug him ? Wow, you go girl. 

15) Why is sex thought to be something women give and we get? 

16) It is statistically true that married men are more successful than unmarried men. But are they more successful because they’re married or are they married because they are successful? 

17) Would we expect a mother without custody to continue to cook and clean for her ex-husband? Then why do we expect the non-custodial father to keep providing money, especially to an ex-wife who interferes with his visitation time? 

18) A false allegation of rape can have consequences as severe as or even worse than an actual rape.  

19) Women coined the emotionally powerful phrase, “date rape” to identify a danger they face. We need to popularize “fake rape” to call attention to a problem that threatens us. 

20) When a man and woman commit a crime together, prosecutor invariably assume that the man is the truly guilty party while the woman was only a hapless – maybe she was abused – duped in the male’s nefarious plot. They’ll make a deal with her and she’ll cry on the witness stand and explain to the jury how bad, bad man was bad, bad, bad. So, in large measure, we live in a society in which women can reckon they have a fair shot at getting off scot-free for even heinous crimes – if they can raise a convincing tear or two and have a defenseless (dead will do) nearby man to finger.  

21) If our lives are so wonderful and women’s are so full of oppression and degradation, why do we commit suicide 4-5 times more often than girls and women do? 

22) Did you ever notice that when we have opinions that women don’t like, they’re not called opinions, but ‘attitudes’? 

Obviously women won’t like to read these points which itself proves that all these points are true. They may even try to hide their faces while this book exposes them to the whole world. Some men too would find it absurd because their individuality is totally dependent on what women think about them. A person with keen observation will find these points as true, intriguing and also unfortunate because nobody else seem to realize this deception that women have been playing with men and also the society for decades. Let’s hope that people realizes the above truth and seek to live in an egalitarian society instead of deceptive women’s society where they are expected to hate men. 

Obedient women

December 19, 2006

Women are very obedient. Whatever a man says, women will do it. They are totally dependent on men. They can’t take their own decisions. They would blindly follow whatever men tell them to do.  

We know this isn’t true at all.   

But, the media and the judiciary follow this assumption to crack a case.  

If a woman commits suicide, by default, the husband is arrested. There is no second thought. Constable says, “Sir, we have a case of housewife committing suicide. What do we do?” Inspector replies, “Arrest the husband.” There is no investigation whatsoever. They assume that husband must have said, “Darling, why don’t you commit suicide?” And the wife obediently commits suicide without saying a word. They assume that women are so obedient that they would never use their own mind. They are completely dependent on their husband and whatever her husband will say, they would do it.  

Crime committed by women is also handled in the same way. A housewife gets caught in a sex racket. The first action the cops take is to arrest her husband. Constable says, “Sir, the woman we arrested in prostitution is a housewife.” Inspector replies, “Immediately arrest her husband.” They assume that husband must have said, “Darling, why don’t you sell your body?” The wife would reply, “Okay, you are my husband so I will do whatever you tell me to do.” This is the assumption behind their investigation. 

Such investigative protocol of the police has never been objected by anybody. Why? Does this sort of investigative protocol apply to a case where a man commits suicide? NoWhen a man commits suicide, the constable says, “Sir, a man has committed suicide.” The inspector replies “Get the body to the post-mortem and help his wife with insurance procedures.” Why such a discriminatory treatment? A woman commits suicide and the husband is arrested; when a man commits suicide and he is considered mentally unstable.  

Perhaps the discriminatory treatment given to men is the reason why men commit suicide more than women. Surprised!!!! Men commit suicide more than women. Its official and the way men are treated these days, the number of suicide committed by men will only increase.    

Some argue that men are arrested because they drive a woman to commit suicide. Then this also means that all those men who committed suicide were forced by their wife. No, this does not apply in men’s case, women groups argue. They only want men to be arrested and not women.  

Well, in that case there are so many thousands of men who haven’t committed suicide even after their wife drives them toward it. If there is murder and also attempt to murder; there should also be abetment to suicide and attempt to abet suicide. Thousands of women are driving their husband to commit suicide and the poor husband knows he can’t give up the responsibilities toward his children and so he silently endures his wife’s torture.  

And if not charging a woman with attempt to abet suicide, at least these harassed men should be given some legal protection that they can report to the police and seek relief from his wife’s torture. No, men should not be provided any legal protection, women groups argue.  

Besides, the way our society is living, who will believe a man if he reports that he is harassed by his wife? The society says, “Come on, you don’t have to complain on such petty issues, these are all part and parcel of a married life and such issues should not be taken so seriously.” But when a woman complains, the society says, “The man should be punished. No man is supposed to harass his wife like this. Women should not keep quiet on such harassment.” 

A man’s complaint is frivolous and a woman’s complaint is genuine harassment. Now that’s discriminatory.  

Whatever a woman does, blame comes on a man only.

Can a woman rape?

December 19, 2006

What? Can a woman rape? Not possible. How can we believe it when the newspaper is flooded with rape crimes on women? How can a woman rape a male?  

The news in Times of India tells another story altogether. Woman Raped boys 

And Indian American school instructor has been charged with going down the dark side of the teacher-student relationship. She, Lina Sinha, 40, a Montessori school teacher, has been charged with bedding two students when they were only 12 and 13 years old.  

12 and 13 years old!!! This is unbelievable!!!A school teacher has raped a young boy!! She is a teacher of 40 and is raping 12 years old boys. How disgusting! 

Lina Sinha, continued the affair with one of the boys over several years and when he tried to break it off as a young man, she resorted to blackmail and false charges.  

Blackmail and false charges on the innocent!!! Is this because she is a woman and the general mentality of the people is that a woman can’t rape a male? What more can we expect from a fallen woman but blackmailing and putting false charges on the innocent?   

The story begins in 1994 when Sinha, who is also Director of the

East 55th Street

School owned by her parents, allegedly began having sexual contacts with a 13-year-old boy. He was 15 when they began having intercourse, including in a school van and an apartment that is part of the school complex.  

13-year-old boy!!! And she is 40. She should be of almost his mother’s age.  

In February 2001, Sinha began a sexual affair with an even younger boy of 12.  

12 year old is just a kid!!!  

Soon after, when the older boy, who is now 23 and a New York Police Officer, tried to end their relationship, she filed false charges against him under a different identity, including the rape of another woman.  

What more can we expect from a woman when she is into trouble? File a false charge; that’s so easy for women.  

She also tried to bribe the younger boy with sneakers, a cell phone and cash not to testify in the case. She also falsely complained that the police officer beat her on more than one occasion and concocted the statutory rape charges in retaliation after she filed an assault case against him with the police.  

She only raped those innocent young boys and now she is filing false charges on those kids of rape. Can a woman do this? The young boys are raped by her and when her own safety is in jeopardy and to get out of trouble; she is filing false charges on those innocent boys. Despicable!!! 

If convicted of the charges, Sinha could get 25 years in prison.  

25 years in prison will do no good. She should be hanged till death. She should be beheaded for raping young boys and also filing false rape charges on them. She is a teacher and this is what she did. Being a Teacher!!! How will those young boys recover from this trauma? When Teachers only are raping her students then what can we expect from non-teachers? We consider the chemistry between a woman and a child isn’t always a selfless love, it could be something else too. Doesn’t this revelation upset us? It does but its better to accept the fact instead of living in the dark and trust a woman teacher blindly.   

Worst than this, even after hearing such news, we would never believe that women do have the propensity to take control of a vulnerable man in a sexual way. There are countless incest cases in foreign countries and as well as in India. Yes, in India too. Incest is rampant in India. How could we possibly know what’s happening within the four walls of a house? We can never know and no survey will reveal the truth.  

Highlighting crime against women extravagantly by the media is only hiding the dark side of women, which is marginalizing male gender to a dangerous level. Men are the weaker gender in India as of now. Men are. A woman can implicate any man with any crime and the judiciary will do everything in its power to deliver justice to the woman even if the accused is innocent. Isn’t this frightening?  

It is, yes. Men can’t protect themselves now. They really can’t. However, media is showing that women are the only victims and men are the prime culprit.  

Is this gender equality? Impossible!!! This is probably the mother of all Deception, mother of all Conspiracy in the History of India.  

Bharatiya Naari

December 19, 2006

Religious ideologies had already become a part of a political correctness in our country. And to add fuel to fire into the chaos of Indian polity, Women are becoming an important element of vote bank politics and political correctness. There is, unfortunately, little apprehension in the people for the disastrous repercussion on our social fabric.  

Women are cashing in on the patriarchic ideology of our Indian tradition. Patriarchic ideologies are:1)     Respect all women as mothers and sister.2)     Respect the dignity and modesty of a woman.3)     A man is duty-bound to protect and provide women.4)     Women are mythological figures resembling goddesses.5)     A man should even sacrifice his own life to save a woman.6)     Follow tradition of worshipping women in every house. 

Now, let us have a look at how Women, the Bharatiya Naari, have maintained the patriarchic ideology. Needless to say, our whole Legal System is stubbornly following the patriarchic ideology.  

Women can wear anything. Women want to attract men and when men are attracted, they believe that men are dirty minded. Confused? Women want sex and they seduce men and when men approach them, they believe that men are dirty minded. More confused? Women want freedom and when a man gives freedom, they believe men aren’t loving them enough. Still more to come. Women want men to support them and when men do, they believe that men are oppressing them. She is Bharatiya Naari. 

How to find a loophole and get something done should be learnt from Women. Women want legal protection and they get it by reminding the legal system that they are after all the Bharatiya Naari. And when the legal system follows the patriarchic ideology, women express her dislike of patriarchy because it, apparently, oppresses them. Patriachic ideologies that conflict with their choices of wearing skimpy clothes, getting into adultery or any shameful act, they criticize patriarchic ideologies. And when women want to seek some outrageous legal rights, they seek shelter under the patriarchic ideologies.  

Rakhi Sawant who is famous for wear skimpy clothes, and we are thankful to her to wear at least something, is an item girl dancing on remixes. She flaunts her curvaceous body in such a manner that we are forced to reconsider, what exactly is the meaning of Bharatiya Naari. And when she deserves the response from somebody, like a kiss, she complains, “I am a Bharatiya Naari and Indian Women don’t like this.” Well, it is hard to know whether she is deceiving the people or herself. According to her, Bharatiya Naari should wear skimpy clothes and shake her boobs till the crowd goes havoc and when somebody kisses her, she reminds others that she is Bharatiya Naari. And apparently, she isn’t alone in our country. There is probably millions of Bharatiya Naari who have found guaranteed protection from any offence committed against anybody. 

Hundred of army men commit suicide each year and there is none reported in the media. But when a single woman commits suicide, the questions like, “Are women getting their dues in Indian Army?” surfaces. Issues like, “Women aren’t treated well in Army.” Well, if one wants to be treated well, why would somebody go into army in the first place? Army is supposed to be tough and only tough people can protect the borders of our country. Well, yet again the patriarchic ideology is exploited here by women.  

It is now pretty obvious that women or lets say, Bharatiya Naari are definitely exploiting Patriachic ideology to get what they want. And what they want? They want men to live as per their thoughts, and their thoughts could be anything. And if the men don’t live the way women want, well, men have no choice because women have secured legal protection that would get a man arrested if he refuses to live the way women want. 

Women have gone way too far. This isn’t gender equality. This is tyranny and nobody can deny that. But, still the media, the government and the legal system are following patriarchic ideologies to protect Indian Women, those women who have lost all sense of character and nobility.  

The new-age Bharatiya Naari is establishing tyranny in the country in the name of Gender equality and Women Empowerment with the help of patriarchic ideologies.  

Either men begin to live like slaves or seek out your rights to live life of freedom. Choice is yours. Bharatiya Naari is a sham; it’s a mother of all deception. Say No to Women Empowerment. Say No to protection to women. Say No to patriarchic ideologies. Should we allow Bharatiya Naari to exploit patriarchic ideologies especially when they are taking away basic human rights of men? 

Men must now take their lives in their hands and teach these Bharatiya Naari that without men, they are mere lump of flesh.

Divorce, jackpot for women

December 19, 2006

Women have invariably gained from divorces and men have always been the sufferers. Alimony and maintenance is one lottery or a jackpot which every single woman of our country dreams to get it one day. Women always prefer to marry a rich man for the simple reason that he can satisfy all her needs and wants. And even after divorce, she will make sure she gets the maximum monetary benefits from her husband who will then become broke.  

Alimony and maintenance has become a lucrative business for those women who think that financial independence and women liberation can be attained only when men are legally forced to comply with his women-centric obligations – to provide women. And women conveniently call men’s obligation to provide them as their “Rights.” Rights or irrational liability on men?  

Nizam suffers 14 crore as maintenance to ex-wifeNizam Mukarran Jah’s third wife, Manolya Onur, sought maintenance from him and fought her case for 11 years and finally she got what she wanted, yet again calling it her “Rights.” She has earned $3 million (approx 14 crore) as compensation.  

She has also secured another $15,000 (Rs. 6 lakhs) per month to meet her daily expenses as well as the expenditure on her 15-year old daughter’s education. She has also claimed that in the past, her husband at promised her to gift his

Palace to his daughter. In the end, she says she wants to do some charity work for the city of

Well, one needs to learn the art of looting a man legally from these women. There is an increasing trend of most young men preferring to remain single all their life because they believe that time has changed so much that they will probably end up divorced and will have to live on streets after their wife will be granted alimony and maintenance.  

People are beginning to realize that women empowerment have made men as mere money-making machines. Even after women are beginning to pursue their career, they want men to fulfill their obligation of providing women. Why? Obviously women would love to get all the money from her ex-husband and call it her “Rights.”  

Women are claiming to be better than men, superior to men then why do they want men to fulfill ancient obligation of men to provide women monetarily? Is this some kind of universal scam in our society created by women to harass men? Media is desperately trying to improve the status of women in the country but they don’t know that the general public knows the reality that women will always remain a liability.  

Shame on these women who claim to be better than men but keep an eye on their bank account and seek every opportunity to rob him legally. Women empowerment is a sham; it’s a biggest deception of the 21st century. And women are trying hard to extract as much legal rights from the Government as possible posing themselves as the weaker gender. People know who is now a weaker gender – men.  

All those legal protection given to women is unnecessary and also anti-social, which these women have been calling it their “Rights.” It’s not their rights. They have managed to deceive the public for long, but not any more. People are now aware that women cannot be trusted at all.

What Indian women want?

December 19, 2006

Indian women are successful. What they want, they are achieving it and it can be proved from the present trend given below.  

1) Portray all women as victims of male-dominated society. It is an accepted fact that the society has always revolved around the importance of women but it is important to deceive people saying that women are victimized by men in the society. Men have always respected women in the family but let people know that men are abusing women. Show fabricated statistics of domestic violence on women even when men are emotionally abused much more than women in the family.  

2) Do not allow any female-bashing advertisement. Increase male-bashing advertisement in order to disarm the masculinity of male gender and make them submissive to female domination. Produce advertisements that are derogatory for male gender and show women has smarter, stronger and powerful than men. Increase mockery of male gender to make men weaker than women.  

3) Blow the issue of female foeticide out of proportion even when the statistics on sex ratio is questionable. It is a fact that these statistical figures on sex ratios are far from reality but people needed to be reminded that girls child are less only because women have a lower status in the society. Consequently, the Government will be forced to give women extra legal protection and economic facilities, which must deprive men in all respect. Even though sex ratio is determined from a mathematical formula, which are not authentic but let people panic on the fabricated statistics. Show men as the culprit even when men prefer daughters and women prefer sons.  

4) Continue to show women as victims of dowry and rape. Even though dowry law is being misused by women but that should never come to the news. Rape laws too are misused but the false cases should never come to the news. Warn the news media not to publish any such article that will prove that dowry and rape laws are misused.  

5) On a regular basis, publish articles that will portray women as victims and men as criminals, which will brainwash the minds of the people making them believe that men are born criminals and women are always victimized by men. 

6) Never show men as successful. Always show the success of women in an exaggerated manner. For example, Sania Mirza is miserable in her game but continue to show her as a great fighter. Target the players of Indian cricket teams as useless and good for nothing.  

7) Pressurize the judiciary to give women the highest level of credibility so that women can accuse anybody they want and ensure conviction. Whether the complaint is genuine or false is not important. Women should have the right to ruin anybody’s life.  

8) All demands of women should be labeled as “Rights”. Follow double standard to get demands approved by the Government under the name of gender equality and women empowerment. Let the Government know that women are potential voters and so their demands of harassing men should be approved. Increase the burden of responsibility on men and focus on women’s freedom and rights only.